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VEMI (Vibro-acoustic Electro Magnetic Far-Infrared)

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The VEMI uses Vectored Electromagnetic Induction (VEMI) technology to enhance the body’s capacity to heal itself by creating a point of high physical, mental, and cellular coherence without emitting any harmful electro smog (EMF) radiation.

woman enjoys her vemi session

This shifts the body into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state for 8-12 hours, during which the body can experience extremely efficient and expedient healing without interference from disruptive EMF radiation. Experience a new kind of freedom. Electro smog pollution has been disrupting human biological systems for generations; removing that interference can fill users with a unique sense of calm that pervades both mind and body. As a result, the VEMI promotes improved mental health in addition to potent healing enhancement. Eliminate electro smog disruption and feel the difference.

Electro smog, or EMF radiation, is a by-product of most AC (alternating current) power supplies incorporated into modern electronic devices. Much of the technology in your home and workplace emits EMF radiation. These frequencies are proven to disrupt the body’s fields and cell membranes; consistent exposure to EMF leads to dissonance and disease in the body. With exponential increases in wireless technology and high voltage lines since the Industrial Revolution, we are seeing significantly higher levels of electro smog in our bodies and environments. These harmful frequencies have become almost impossible to avoid in our society, so Da Vinci has developed VEMI as a way to effectively cleanse our bodies of this electro smog and optimize cellular function.


The human body operates using the transmission of electrical signals throughout the brain, spinal column and nervous system. Every human cell is sensitive to electrical interference, and most people have not experienced an electro smog-free state since the late 1800’s. VEMI produces little to no electro smog while also eliminating the existing electro smog interference within the user and immediate area of operation. In that interference-free state, the body is able to restore itself to order through natural processes and optimize cellular health.


The body runs all communication through frequency waveforms. It is well substantiated that cells perform optimally when communication is clear and unhindered: to optimize communication and therefore cell function, the cells must be freed from their EMF contamination and bathed in clean resonating energy. This syncs up communication between the brain and every organ, tissue and system in the body to promote overall health and improve physical performance.


The VEMI utilizes three-dimensional waveforms called electromagnetic waveforms, which contain voltage, magnetic field and frequency speed within a certain time frame. These three-dimensional waveforms communicate with the brain and the entire body, including all organs, tissues and cells.

The VEMI’s vectored emission of these three-dimensional electromagnetic waveforms cleans off the cells and excites them in resonance. The VEMI goes even further in its cell resonation by not only resonating in front of, behind, above and below but also by resonating all varying angles and planes in dynamic torrid fields. This is controlled and emitted in plots according to the mathematics of calculus (points around an entire sphere, cell, tissue, and the entire body) during every VEMI session.


The PureWave full body harmonics that play through the VEMI headphones, and Vibro-acoustic (VEMI) Bed mimic the natural harmonic pulse bursts that the brain sends out every 20 milliseconds to the whole body. These ongoing, rhythmic pulses communicate with the body’s cells, tissues, and organs opening the cellular communication barrier and allowing the cells to remain in a responsive mode for processing cellular functions. This is the initiator that allows cells to send and receive communication for necessary cell functions including repair, replacement, absorption of oxygen/nutrients/minerals and discharge of cellular waste (toxins, heavy metals, etc).

Research shows that these necessary functions are optimized when energy in the cell and its channels are high and when communications are clear of any problematic electro smog interference. The VEMI removes EMF interference and allows the cells to resonate and energize themselves naturally with vectored, varied torrid planes to optimize cell function.

vemi console

With every successive session of VEMI therapy, the benefits compound and intensify as the body can maintain improved levels of health and wellness once freed from harmful electro smog interference. When the energy of a cell is high, the cell will run optimally and healthily in all its processes. VEMI aids in initiating and greatly accelerating this natural process.

man enjoys vemi session
multiple vemi systems in wellness center


  •  Vibro-acoustic Harmonics emitted through the full body mat and headphones open cellular communication to all cells in the body

  • Electro smog EMF sticky static on the entire body is eliminated, clearing open paths for cells to vibrate in resonance with instruction and command signals

  • The body is shifted into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state for 8- 12 hours during which it can experience extremely efficient and expedient healing

  • VEMI allows the cells to resonate/vibrate and energize themselves naturally which helps to optimize cell function and repair

  • The body reaches new, improved levels of health and wellness with each additional session

multiple vemi systems with lights on in wellness center


Dimensions: 90"L  x 30.25"W  x 36" H


Construction: molded fiberglass


Weight: 65 lbs.


Weight capacity: 350 lbs.


Voltage: 110v, 15AMP (standard outlet)


Warranty: 2 years


Session time: 30 or 60 minutes

dimensions of the vemi system

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