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AquaCure AC 50 Molecular Hydrogen Generator -
Brown's Gas & HHO

aquacure ac 50 molecular hydrogen generator

HydrOxy for Health

The AquaCure AC50 generates a high energy bio-available gas mixture called HydrOxy (aka Brown’s Gas, BG, HHO or OxyHydrogen) that the body uses to heal from disease and wounds, and to prevent & reverse the symptoms of aging. HydrOxy travels in your blood into every cell for nutrition and relief of issues related to dehydration (meaning ‘lack of hydrogen’). HydrOxy is the world’s BEST non-toxic antioxidant and anti- inflammatory, with anti-apoptotic (cell health) & cytoprotective (cell protective) properties.

How AquaCure Works

A hydrogen gas generator applies electrolysis to separate water into H2 and O2 gases, using electrical current and a polymer membrane, and the H2 is collected for further use while the O2 is sent to waste. The AquaCure is a unique generator/electrolyzer that does not use a membrane to keep the H2 and O2 gases separate, and is specifically designed to collect all gases produced by water electrolysis. This includes a water vapor component called ExW (Electrically Expanded Water), a ‘plasma’ form of water that provides bio-available electrons and energy.

HydrOxy is Key

The human body is about 62% Hydrogen and 24% Oxygen by volume, and they are therefore your most important nutrients. HydrOxy is a special mixture of Hydrogen, Oxygen and ExW formed by electrolysis of water in the AquaCure. This trifecta of essential nutrients and energy supports the regenerative processes that are vital to all ‘water based’ living systems.

AquaCure AC50 provides the Next Generation of hydrogen for health technology. Proper hydrogen hydration, together with O2 and ExW, leads to healing and rejuvenation. HydrOxy has ALL the benefits of hydrogen PLUS it’s super-charged with energy that no other solution provides.

Multiple Treatment Modes

Hydrogen generators that provide only H2 gas are limited in their treatment options and are generally used for hydrogen enrichment of water. The HydrOxy produced by the AquaCure AC50, with its O2 component, is useful for a wide range of treatment protocols, including:

  1. Infuse water with HydrOxy for healthful SUPER WATER drinking. 
    Water enriched by bubbling with HydrOxy is also safe for feeding to plants and animals, and can be used to enhance hydroponics & aquaponics.

  2. Infuse water with HydrOxy fort opical treatment of skin issues and wounds. 
    Bubble HydrOxy into foot bath or bath water for full body treatment.

  3. Use HydrOxy gas for external treatment of skin, wounds and for discomfort. 
    Spot applied or used in bags for treatment of limbs.

  4. Inhalation of HydrOxy gas by direct BREATHING of the Hydrogen/Oxygen mixture.
    Fast and efficient whole body hydrogen hydration directly into the blood is SAFELY achieved by easy AquaCure AC50 gas volume adjustment.

HydrOxy Benefits

Since 1996, copious empirical and anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of HydrOxy has been reported; mostly by people who already had BG electrolyzers and were desperately trying ANYTHING to achieve better health. The amazing results people reported finally convinced scientists to study hydrogen for health starting about 2007, resulting in over 1000 studies of over 170 ailments by 2019.

Scientific reviews of molecular hydrogen and hydrogen medicine in human disease, together with institute websites, show that Hydrogen/HydrOxy supplementation WORKS Fantastically WELL! Further, there are NO negative effects observed and, in every case reported, there are only positive (or neutral) health results.

AquaCure is the Solution

The AquaCure AC50 is a practical, reliable and versatile HydrOxy electrolyzer/generator that is safety certified and designed (from experience dating back to 1986) to give you years of trouble free service. It has a Lifetime Warranty.

The AquaCure can be operated continuously with minimal and easy maintenance. We’ve made it simple and easy to use. AquaCure has MANY features for safety and convenience, setting a gold standard for the best of HydrOxy for Health technologies.

Convenience Features

1. The AquaCure AC50 can be used continuously, 24/7 if needed
2. Extra Reservoir: allows operation for at least 10 hours between refills 3. Timer Switch: with continuous feature
4. Lighted Sight Tube: easy to see liquid level
5. Adjustable Frequency: to optimize the HydrOxy


Safety Features

1. LOW LIQUID LEVEL SHUTOFF: AquaCure AC50 has a low water level switch to automatically shut off the machine if the liquid level gets low.
2. HIGH LIQUID LEVEL SHUTOFF: Prevents issues caused by over-filling.
3. OVER-PRESSURE SAFETY: 2 psi over-pressure electrical shutoff

4. OVER-PRESSURE RELIEF: Redundant 3 psi mechanical over-pressure gas relief. LOWER pressure is MUCH SAFER!
5. ANTI-BACKFILL: The AquaCure has an advanced 'anti-backfill' feature, that reliably prevents the water in the Humidifier and Bubbler from ‘back-filling' into the electrolyzer upon shutdown.

6. FULL SHUTOFF SWITCH: For safety, the AquaCure shuts off BOTH the power and neutral wires.
7. ADJUSTABLE GAS VOLUME: for safe optimization of gas volume for any application.

8. SAFETY CERTIFIED: CE safety certified and UPGRADED to conform with CSA/UL and Australian safety standards.

Specifications of AquaCure AC50

Gas Generation: up to 50 LPH (833 mL/min) of HydrOxy
Size: 12 inch L; 9 inch W; 12 inch H (plus 10 inch Tower Cap)
Weight (with fluids): 16 lbs.
Voltage: choose option of 110 ~120 VAC 60 Hz or 220~240 VAC 50 Hz


Accessories Included

1. AquaCure AC50 Operation Manual 2. Tower Cap
3. Tower Cap to Humidifier Hose
4. Humidifier

5. Humidifier Holder
6. Humidifier to Bubbler attachment hose, 3 feet long
7. 40 mL Syringe (for water refilling)
8. Food Grade Liter Bubbler bottle (assembled)
9. Nasal Cannula(s) (for Inhalation)
10. Accessories hose 1/8" ID x 1/4" OD, 6 feet long
11. Soft Silicone HydrOxy Spot Applicator
12. Several hose adaptor(s)
13. Water Infuser/Ionizer Bubbler stone (for bubbling water in container of choice). 14. Online Resources: updated for corrections, upgrades, tips, videos, etc.
15. Comprehensive personal support to answer any questions

AquaCure AC 50 Molecular Hydrogen Generator
Brown's Gas & HHO

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