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Dahlia Health
Red Light Therapy Pads For Contoured Applications

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(within contiguous 48 states)

Payments as low as $960 a month

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We are light based organisms. We are greatly affected by light. In fact how we sleep, how we feel, how we function is directly controlled by light. Wouldn’t it make sense that light was a significant part of your daily routine?

full Dahlia red light therapy setup in a wellness center

The Dahlia Health Professional Summit package has earned its place at the top of our line up and the body sculpting industry. Dahlia Health Pro Summit delivers results with state of the art technology. Customize the user experience with our IQNucleus™ display, deliver results with confidence using the PowerCube™ and its 8 powerful ports, and keep your customers comfortable with a suite of SmartPads™. The Dahlia Health Pro Summit truly delivers results.

Dahlia’s PureLight™ LEDs deliver our proprietary combination of tuned wavelengths. Take advantage of our research with our 600, 800 and 900 nanometer series wavelengths.

Dahlia’s WideCone™ pad design offers the industry’s smoothest and most evenly dispersed light available. You’ll see the difference the first time you place it on your client. Full body coverage yielding the best results.

  • Dahlia Health SmartPads use a proprietary blend of 3 different lights, leveraging wavelengths in the 600, 800 and 900 nanometer ranges.

  • Dahlia Health systems can be used for fat loss, skin healing and circulatory improvements, such as neuropathy.

  • Each pad is intelligent and continuously adjusts the session, as needed to maximise the treatment while keeping the patient safe.

  • Dahlia Health uses a UL 60601-4 compliant, 630watt power source, making them Medical Grade.  No special power is required.

  • Dahlia Health Professional Summit system includes 6 Smart Body pads, each 24x9 inches. 1 Smart Face pad and cradle, and 1 Spare Spare body pad.

  • Dahlia Health SmartPads do not flicker under normal conditions, providing pure, consistent wavelengths.  No flickering means more time in the zone, helping clients.

  • Session time is just 20 minutes.

  • Dahlia Health covers against manufacturing defects for 3 years.

  • Typical inches lost per session can vary by person  Clinics can expect between 2 and 6 inches.  Higher numbers are regularly reached by our customers.

  • Shipping weight is 33 lbs.

woman enjoys Dahlia red light therapy treatment


Anti Aging

Weight Loss

Pain Reduction

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