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Cryo EMS -  Cryolipolysis & Muscle Stimulation

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cryolipolysis and muscle stimulation system

Finally, a Cryolipolysis System that doesn't require constant attention!

The CryoEMS system uniquely combines Cryo technology (cryolipolysis, aka “fat freezing”) and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). Each of the 8 cooling plates integrates cold treatment, muscle stimulation and skin-friendly LED. Cryolipolysis and EMS run parallel and simultaneously in each plate and handpiece. The CryoEMS device is not only unique in function and effect, but also in terms of quality and design.
The time and intensities of both the cold temperature and EMS can be set flexibly on the ergonomic 15" touchscreen. After the cooling plates are placed on the chosen body areas and the parameters selected, the device starts and safely runs passive CryoEMS body sculpting protocols without constant attention being required. The user can relax and the operator is free to perform other applications at the same time, including active CryoEMS using the handpieces for facial or other body treatments.


• Subcutaneous Fat Cells Freeze
• Fat Cells Drain When Using Low Temperatures
• White Fat Cells are Converted Into Brown Cells
• No Suction Cups Required

• Works with Temperatures Between 0°C and 2°C


• Muscles are Electrically Stimulated to Contract
• Blood Circulation is Boosted
• Lymph Flow Increases
• Beneficial Muscle Compression is Induced
• Muscle Energy Consumption is Increased

Cryo Facelift
• Tissue Firming
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Double Chin Reduction
• Premature Aging Treatment
• Erythrosis Rosacea Treatment
• Pore Shrinking

• LED Light in Blue 400 nm Range
• Improves the Skin’s Appearance

Multiple Treatment Options with CryoEMS


• Cryolipolysis with or without EMS
• Active and passive cold treatments
• Standard and curved Cryo plates
• Small and large Cryo handpieces
• For face and body areas

Modern Dancer

The innovative CryoEMS device takes cryolipolysis to the next level. Choose cold treatments with or without electrical muscle stimulation to provide the widest possible range of cold applications. Fat reduction, tissue and muscle stimulation, skin tightening and lifting, anti-aging and much more are no problem with CryoEMS.

Active Cryo treatments for face and body use the small or large handpieces that are tempered to treat skin with care while easily reaching every targeted application area on the body or face. Extremely relaxing passive Cryo treatments use the standard straight (for arms and belly) or curved (for legs and hips) cooling plates that fit perfectly for the different problem zones.

The option of adding the integrated EMS function can further improve fat reduction and induces muscle contractions by electrical impulses through the cooling plates and into the body areas. The cold temperature and electrical stimulation of CryoEMS are ideal for eliminating fat cells and tightening tissues to simultaneously reduce body fat and improve skin.