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* Red Reactive Light Stand 

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Important Notice: Expectant mothers should consult a healthcare professional before using biohacking technologies.


Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), also known as LLLT (low-level laser therapy), exposes the body to specific light wavelengths that encourage recovery (wounds, tendons, muscles, nerves, bones), reducing both inflammation and pain. In healthy individuals, the therapy yields improved strength, increased energy (ATP), faster recovery time and less fatigue. There are no side effects, and it is non-invasive. It is not a heating therapy nor is it ablating (removal or destruction of tissue).

Overview of Red Reactive R3 

Explanation of what light does

Red Light Therapy_Red_Reactive_R1_R3.png


When cells age and become stressed, the mitochondria produce Nitric Oxide (NO) which outcompetes oxygen and blocks the receptor site that oxygen binds to during the respiratory process, the process of turning blood sugar into cellular energy. With a diet rich in antioxidants and rest, the body successfully manages excess Nitric Oxide. If the body is too stressed, it cannot remove Nitric Oxide at the rate it is produced. This buildup of NO causes ROS (reactive oxygen species) and is known as Oxidative Stress. Reactive oxygen species are toxic and begin the processes of inflammation, cell death and the expression of genes responsible for cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and other diseases.


When red & near IR (infrared) light is absorbed by a protein in the mitochondria called Cytochrome c Oxidase (CcO), mitochondrial NO is dissociated from CcO and oxygen transport returns to normal. Cell function can then increase back up to optimal levels. This downstream effect increases ATP (energy) production, among many other beneficial intracellular responses. All aspects of the eleven major organ systems benefit from improved recovery, energy and strength.


550 RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials)

4000 laboratory studies

40+ new papers per month

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Red Reactive®
with QuadraFLUX™
Sets the Standard

Red Reactive® delivers a respectable 110mW/cm2 with not just two but 4 wavelengths. In addition, you have full control of the frequency (pulse rate of the LEDs from 10-500 Hz). Clinical grade but designed for home use, the Red Reactive allows for 10-minute sessions that produce exceptional outcomes. No need to run two, side-by-side or stacked. Easily hangs and adjusts from your door. Turn on red, near infrared or both.


Control time & frequency. Backed by a 2-year warranty, Red Reactive has been built to last. The easy touch panel quickly adjusts your settings, and the air-controlled cooling system offers superior venting for the longest-lasting LED panel on the market.



*Power rating based on competing devices which must include 4 wavelengths.


  • Improved joint health and range of movement 

  • Stimulate muscle redevelopment 

  • Effective for obesity as part of a diet and exercise program 

  • Muscle relaxation and relief from muscle spasms 

  • Temporary treatment of minor muscle and joint discomfort 

  • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis 

  • Increase blood circulation