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CRYO-T Elephant local cryotherapy

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Cryo-T cryotherapy system

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cryo therapy facial

What is Cryo-T Elephant?

The Cryo-T Elephant is new type of device for local cryotherapy and cryostimulation that works on liquid nitrogen (LN2). Innovative construction developed by our engineers gives possibilities of performing safer and more effective procedures. We have invented a new way of low temperature production.

It is vaporized heating of liquid nitrogen (without heater) that increases the efficiency of our devices by 40% more than our competitors. Cryo-T Elephant is a one of a kind nitrogen device with a sensor placed inside the application nozzle for remote measurement of patient’s skin temperature during treatment.

This sensor informs therapist conducting the procedure if the cryostimulated area has the proper temperature, i.e. suitably low to perform effective treatment, but not too low preventing local frostbite. Skin temperature is the only objective parameter of the correctly performed treatment.

The Cryofacial™ was developed by American physician Dr. Kuehne, and uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors (-130º) which are applied to the face and neck to stimulate skin tissue and in consequence the production of collagen and decrease pore size. The skin becomes tighter, more toned, and blood circulation is improved. Over time, skin becomes more elastic due to the increase in collagen. Treatments are followed by the application of Beauty Ozone Regenerating Serum.

Advantages of Cryofacial Series of treatments guarantees

• Vasoconstriction causes pore size decrease
• Collagen production is stimulated, what tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles
• Toxins in the body are reduced by increasing blood flow
• During scalp treatment, hair growth is stimulated caused by increasing blood flow
• Reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin
• Face contour shaping
• Pore size reduction
• Wrinkles and lines decrease
• Stimulation of collagen production
• Blood flow improvement
• Dark spots brightening

CRYO-T Elephant portable cryotherapy

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