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Alpha ARX Machine

Alpha ARX Machine | Omni ARX Machine

Stock status: In stock

Lead time:  90 days


Starts at $43,000

Or, pay as low as $860 a month

Software - must choose one way to consume the software:


  • ​​​​Monthly Subscription - $400/month per machine 

  • Lifetime License - $10,000 one-time payment per machine (25 month ROI)

Da Vinci medical supports affirm payments
When science meets art

The Alpha was designed to deliver a full-body, ultra-efficient workout for users of all ages and experience levels while maximizing space efficiency. The guided sled helps to ensure a fluid motion for both upper and lower body exercises.

Extended Warranty (optional) - four additional years of parts and labor coverage (five in total):


$3,000 per machine

Who Uses the Alpha?

From athletes and celebrities to busy professionals and parents, the Alpha’s platform-driven system is uncomplicated and straight-forward, catering to those looking to optimize their time commitment while still achieving a highly-effective, full-body workout in just minutes per week.

Technical Specifications (Fully Assembled):

ARX Machine
  • HEIGHT: 66 inches

  • WIDTH: 32 inches

  • LENGTH: 94 inches

  • WEIGHT: 655 lbs


110V (15A circuit) or 220V (20A circuit)

*Note: Machines are not compatible with GFCI outlets.

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