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H2 600 Intelligent Hydrogen Machine

Pure H2 & O2 Generator

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Utilizing the mainstream PEM (Dupont Membrane) technology for electrolysis, H2 600  inhalation machine makes 99.9999% pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen with no wastewater.  This machine also produces Oxygen output that can be used separately or combined with the hydrogen at the recommended ratio of hydrogen to oxygen. (66% H2 – 33% O2). Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2 at the suggested rate of 600 mL/Min, you can breathe in nearly 200 times the H2 of one 500 mL bottle of H2 water! When utilized with the Y connector the unit will naturally combine 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen.

The H2 600 can also be used for targeting skin and specific body parts when the accessory is purchased separately. You can drink healthy Hydrogen Water all day, every day, with no adverse side effects whatsoever. It is exceptional drinking water for the entire family as well as dogs, cats, horses and all pets. The bubbled H2 water can also be used for bathing and to soak (feet, hands, elbows, etc.). It is promoted all over the world to be healthy for your skin mantle as well.


Note: This unit can also be utilized to create hydrogen water to 1.5 PPM with a -650 mv ORP value when connected to the Hydrogen port only.

No lye required

• Ultra low maintenance

H2 600 Molecular Hydrogen Generator SPECS:

  • Model number: H2-600

  • Function: Make hydrogen and oxygen gas for inhalation

  • Power: 110 or 220V±10% 50Hz-60Hz

  • Maximum hydrogen flow: 600 ML per minute

  • Maximum oxygen flow: 300 ML per minute Two gases can be mixed to inhale.

  • Applicable water: Distilled water only

  • Power consumption: 1200 W

  • Color: White

  • Dimensions: 14.3 inches x 9.2 inches x 15.7 inches (365mm x 235mm x 400mm)

  • Weight: 33 pounds (15 kg)

  • Certificate: CE


Our expert can guide you in selecting the hydrogen generator and answer any questions you have. Call toll-free today.

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