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Power Plate® MOVE Limited Edition Black
+ Free Slam Ball

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This Package Includes:

  • Limited Edition Matte Black Power Plate MOVE (reg. $3,495)

  • Power Plate Slam Ball (reg. $59)

Power Plate is Class 1cUS FDA-registered device.

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Elevate your daily wellness routine with the Power Plate MOVE, a dynamic tool designed to rejuvenate your muscles, joints, and bones, enhancing your ability to feel and MOVE better every day. Whether you're looking to boost your performance in sports, engage in exercise comfortably at any age, or simply improve your overall athletic life, the MOVE is your go-to solution. Endorsed by the Mayo Clinic for its effectiveness in fat burning without strenuous exercise, and proven to increase bone density and potentially reverse osteoporosis, the Power Plate MOVE integrates seamlessly into your home, promising a revolutionary approach to health and fitness.

For two decades, Power Plate has stood at the forefront of vibration technology, a favorite among elite gyms, professional sports teams, and rehabilitation centers worldwide. Now, the Power Plate MOVE brings this revolutionary technology into the comfort of your home, ready to transform your home gym experience.

Ideal for daily use by any family member, the Power Plate MOVE offers a multitude of health benefits. From rapidly alleviating physical pain, facilitating quick and efficient workouts, to aiding in bone strengthening for the elderly, and accelerating fat loss—both with and without exercise. It's also proven to enhance blood circulation, especially beneficial for Type 2 diabetics, alleviate stubborn back pain, stimulate natural growth hormone production, and improve skin and joint health through increased collagen production. Moreover, it addresses arterial stiffness, promising a comprehensive wellness solution.

The "magic" behind Power Plate lies in its ability to induce rapid muscle contractions and enhance blood flow with minimal effort. Simply standing, sitting, or lying on the plate for as little as 30 seconds can kickstart this process. Initially, it diminishes physical pain by relaxing the tendons, which in turn, eases muscle tension. This quick relaxation not only alleviates discomfort but also stimulates your central nervous system, boosting overall blood flow and hormone production to rejuvenate your body's youthful functions.


One machine. Endless benefits.

Power Plate vibrates up to 50 times a second sending tiny vibrations through your body. These tiny micro vibrations activate more muscles, burn more calories, improve circulation, and assist muscle recovery.

Burn Fat Quicker

Improve Core Strength

Tighten Skin

Activate More Muscles

Increase Strength



Increase Circulation

Improve Bone Strength

Athletes will find the Power Plate MOVE an essential pre and post-exercise tool, warming up muscles for activities like golf and reinvigorating them afterwards. The device generates 30-50 contractions per second, quintupling the effects of regular exercise and enhancing fat burning.

Understanding the connection between your tendons and muscles unveils the extensive benefits of the Power Plate. It's not just about pain relief; it's about reviving your body's vitality. The device's ability to increase ATP production energizes your cells beyond what oxygen alone can provide, rejuvenating your skin and overall health. It even has the potential to regenerate knee cartilage, offering hope for those with knee issues.

Embracing the Power Plate MOVE becomes an effortless habit, driven by the immediate feel-good factor it provides. It's more than an exercise equipment; it's a daily wellness ritual that boosts mood, combats anxiety, and overall enhances your quality of life without the need for strenuous workouts or supplements. Join our community to delve deeper into the science behind Power Plate, supported by our team of trainers, therapists, and medical professionals, and see why making it a part of your home is a step towards a healthier, happier you.


  • Hardware: 3 years

  • Electronics: 1 year

  • Labor: 1 year

PrecisionWave™ Technology

Power Plate's patented PrecisionWave™ Technology is engineered to activate the body’s natural reflexive response to precision vibration, engaging the muscles in a consistent and controlled manner that results in accelerated training benefits. Among the benefits offered by using Power Plate are increases in blood flow, metabolic rate and improved balance.

Use of Power Plate has also been shown to improve muscle strength and flexibility, as well as help improve bone health. Power Plate's effectiveness has been proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies as well as clinical rehabilitation and wellness facilities, sports performance centers, and are currently utilized by a vast majority of professional and collegiate sports teams in the US and many others around the world.


Mark Wahlberg

“I've been a satisfied customer for over a decade, so I decided to get involved in spreading awareness about their game-changing products.”


Serena Williams

“On tour, playing back to back matches is tough on your body. Being ready the next day is the difference between winning or losing. If I can accelerate the recovery and healing process, I have a definite advantage. With my Power Plate, I have that advantage.”


Clint Eastwood

“Many things come and go in this industry but the Power Plate machine is here to stay. It is a fast and effective way to stay in shape. Power Plate is a fast and effective strength workout and I like it before a round of golf because it helps me be loose and flexible.”


Hilary Swank

“Grant Roberts, my trainer for Million Dollar Baby, suggested I get a Power Plate because my schedule doesn't always allow the time I would like for exercise. I love that with the Power Plate, I can get a full work out at home in next to no time. I really am impressed with the machines ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good.”

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