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Leica DM750  Blood Analysis Microscope

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Leica DM750 Blood Analysis Microscope is customized for Da Vinci Medical to provide optimal performance in Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield microscopy techniques. This powerful microscope comes complete with a Leica HD Digital Camera including software and remote control, with multi-output HDMI, USB, SD Card, Network, and WiFi modes allowing you to show and share live real-time images in almost limitless ways.

Leica DM750 Phase Close Up.jpeg


Leica Hi Plan Achromat objectives at 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x/oil magnifications will all provide
high-resolution Brightfield images. The 10x, 40x, and 100x/oil are Phase objectives capable of
producing high-quality Phase Contrast images, and you can obtain Darkfield images on the 4x,
10x, and 40x objectives. The turret condenser makes it easy for you to change mode and phase
settings by simply turning the turret, with optimum configurations factory set and no
adjustments necessary when transitioning between imaging techniques. Fast, easy and
effortless usage generates powerful, accurate and satisfying results.

Renowned Leica optical and mechanical quality in this durable and reliable microscope includes all internal metal gears, a rackless XY stage, and AgTreat which incorporates silver anti-microbial paint at all touch points to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

The Da Vinci Medical Microscope is a Superior Blood Analysis System


In the Da Vinci Medical tradition of providing advanced health and wellness technologies to our
professional clients and their customers – those who consistently demand quality, performance
and results from our products – we now offer a Blood Analysis Microscope system that will
allow the ultimate in personal health evaluation. Viewing the effects on Human Blood of
technologies such as PEMF and techniques like Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT), which
can significantly increase O2 levels in the body...on a user’s own Live Blood with real-time a powerful and motivating complement to the Superhuman Protocol and other
products that can directly influence health and wellness through positive effects on blood.
We selected the highly-respected Leica DM750 Microscope for its superior optics and proven
performance in professional use by Clinicians, Researchers, Educators and Graduate Students.
Our Blood Analysis system was carefully selected from the extensive Leica optical and hardware
menus, and further customized by adding the unique and powerful Leica ICC50 W Digital
Camera. This complete imaging, archiving, viewing and sharing HD camera system is integrated
into the microscope and provides outstanding Photomicrography capabilities for photos and
videos. Our Leica DM750 Blood Analysis Microscope system is then further fine-tuned for the
microscopy modes most useful in viewing Live Human Blood samples, by Phase Contrast and
Darkfield techniques, with unprecedented ease-of-use that yields stunning images and clear
results for both provider and patient.

This is not a Blood Analysis Microscope that can be found on Amazon or eBay, or matched in
performance by other microscope vendors at any price. It is a powerful, sturdy and robust
optomechanical system that will provide years of trouble-free and high-quality use. It is
designed, built and supported by microscope professionals, with decades to centuries of
experience, from manufacturing through custom assembly. An especially important benefit of
the Leica DM750 Blood Analysis Microscope is that sales support and instrument training, when
required by our clients, is provided by an in-house Da Vinci Medical scientist and experienced
hands-on microscopist.


Fast High Resolution Live Imaging

The ability to share, capture and archive images is an important part of the science laboratory. The complete system allows the user to view specimens on the display and through the binocular tube, with or without a computer connection for versatile science education.

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Leica DM750 Phase Close Up_Hi Plan Phase Objectives.jpeg


Components have been pre-assembled, pre-aligned and optimized for the Blood Analysis application to make the Microscope simpler, easier and a pleasure to use

Leica DM750 Oculars.jpeg


Eyepieces are 10x magnification and 20mm field of view,
including adjustable Diopter focusing and Pointer functions with eyeguards

LAS EZ Screen Image014.jpeg

POWERFUL SOFTWARE: photo and video acquisition and analysis, including image enhancement and
annotation, are supported by Leica software for PC, Mac and mobile devices

Leica DM750 Phase Close Up_Turret Condenser.jpeg


The Turret Condenser has Brightfield, Darkfield and three Phase Contrast settings, including an adjustable Iris Diaphragm, for precise selection of microscopy modes



LED illumination designed to provide

even lighting across the full field of view without adjustments

Live Blood Cells using Phase Contrast (human, 400x)