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Financing a PMT 120 PEMF System

If you're a business, please
click here to go through the business financing application options. 


If you're a consumer, follow these instructions:


Our consumer financing is through Affirm which is applied for during checkout. Affirm's financing cap is $17,500 and the PMT 120 is $18,995. So, we must finance $17,495 and then you pay the balance with a credit card or PayPal. Financing is a quick, two stage process. The instructions below will walk you though the steps. 

Step 1: Click this link to add to cart a PMT 120 for $17,495. If approved, you will need to come back to this page to complete step 2. 

Step 2: Click
this link to pay the $1500 balance due for the 120 ONLY IF you were approved and completed step 1. 


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