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IV Glove - Adhesive Free Peripheral IV Securement System


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What is IV Glove?

The IV Glove is a single use and disposable adhesive free IV securing system. It uses an FDA registered anti-bacterial anti-microbial silicon glove that easily attaches to the patients hand. Our patented S-Clip mechanism secures the tube of the IV preventing movement. The transparent protective shield allows medical personnel to inspect the IV without disruption.


It is significantly more cost efficient than other short-term peripheral IV replacements. It's passive and non-invasive system protects from accidental impacts and tampering reducing the risk of accidental dislodgement or movement.

Key features of the IV glove

High Demand – Something else to expand on high demand benefit.

  • Up to 90% of hospitalized patients will receive IV therapy during their stay.

  • IV Glove can help prevent the failure rate of 35%-50%.

  • Significantly impact patient experience and satisfaction during the length of their stay

  • Ideal for pediatrics and seniors

Protective – Something else to expand on protective benefit.

  • Equipped with our patented S-Clip mechanism preventing movement or accidental dislodgment.

  • Will protect against light accidental impacts and linear strain

  • Features a transparent protective shield that allows for medical personnel to inspect the IV unit without disturbing its position while offering protection from accidental tampering.

Cost Effective – Something else to expand on cost benefit.

  • Reduce costs arising from multiple attempts to properly insert catheters

  • Recent recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010) indicate peripheral IVs can remain in place for 96 hours or more, as long as they are functioning properly and the patient is not showing signs of infection (1)

  • Dislodgement of IV Catheters can cause interruption of patient care, and create lost time for caregivers and clinicians. IV-Glove can significantly reduce disruption and lost time from IV Catheter dislodgement and/or complications.

Comfortable: – Something else to expand on comfortable benefit.

  • IV Glove is made with a comfortable, breathable & anti-microbial silicone.

  • IV Glove has an easy-adjust strap for ensuring the proper fit for any size hand


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IV Glove - Adhesive Free Securing System

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