Qi Technologies EMF Protection against 5G Cellular & WiFi

Qi-Technology is the only EMF (Electromagnetic Field) protection technology that is proven through double-blind studies to protect you completely from the harmful and damaging radiation in EM fields. It will protect you from cellular (including 5G), WiFi, and other EMFs (not including Qi-Me). Users report they no longer have to turn off their wireless routers and that their home or office feels more relaxing.


Qi Me EMF Protection

Personal use. Wearable
Protects from: 2G Cellular, WiFi, EMF
Coverage: 3'
3" x 5" x 1" (1 lb)

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Qi Home EMF Protection

Small to medium/large homes 
Protects from: 2G-5G Cellular, WiFi, EMF
Coverage: 50' x 50' area and 16' up and down
6" x 15.4" (21 lbs.)

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Qi Shield EMF Protection

Protects from: 2G-5G Cellular, WiFi, EMF
Coverage: 16' x 16' area and 6' up and down
3" x 7" (1.8lbs)

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Qi Max EMF Protection

Very large home or office
Protects from: 2G-5G Cellular, WiFi, EMF
Coverage: 328' x 328' area and 100' up & 
8.3" x 23.6" (70 lbs.)

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EMF Protection against 5G Cellular, WiFi and EMFs by Qi Technologies

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