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All Body Active and Passive Motorized Trainer
Upper & Lower Body Ergometer (UBE)

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Affordable Motion Therapy Device

Introducing the OmniTrainer® Active and Passive Total Body Trainer with bio-feedback software by HealthCare International. Equipped with 3 training modes: Active, Passive and Passive-Assist training the OmniTrainer® specifically designed for physical and neurological rehabilitation exercises. In Passive Mode the OmniTrainer provides smooth and powerful forced exercise assistance to the user. The durable AC motors allow users to select bi-directional motorized speeds up to 60 RPM in 1 RPM increments.

In Active Mode, resistance can be adjusted by increments of 1 up to level 18 for either Upper or Lower body training. Smooth bi-directional resistance allows for increased muscle activation. The Left vs Right bio-feedback graph in Active Mode provides visual feedback of the user’s lateral power output so that the they can focus on symmetric pedaling.

OmniSense Technology allows for sessions to utilize both Passive and Active training modes. Workout plans can be customized providing various passive-assistance to the user. RPM and power levels can be adjusted so that the OmniTrainer will automatically change between active and passive modes. Starting in passive mode, the OmniTrainer will automatically change to Active Mode if the user is able to exceed the set RPM level. The percentage of Passive and Active Training is displayed in a graph to encourage the user and promote active training.

The OmniTrainer is portable and can be used with either a standard chair or a wheelchair. The OmniTrainer is adjustable to fit a wide range of users. Height adjustable upper body section, ergonomic u-shaped handles, extra-wide pedals, adjustable cranks, and oscillating calf supports, helps securely fit users at various ability levels.

The workout report function allows users to track their progress displaying total time, total distance, number of spasm, percent Active vs Passive training, and percent Left vs Right Power at the end of the training session. The OmniTrainer Active and Passive Trainer’s versatility and durability makes it an ideal piece of equipment to be used in any stage of rehabilitation.

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Dual 100 Watt motors provide smooth and steady motorized assistance to patients.

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The biofeedback display graphs the Left vs Right power output during active training allowing users to focus on strengthening weaker extremities.

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Simply press the pedal button on the display to rotate the foot pedals to assist with inserting your feet into the pedals.

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The OmniTrainer is equipped with spasm detection for the safety of your patients. Spasm detection sensitivity settings can be adjusted to suite your patient's needs.

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The OmniTrainer can be used with a standard chair or with a wheelchair.


OmniSense Technology

Automatically changes from Passive Training Mode to Active Training Mode when the patient surpasses the set RPM level.

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Training Mode Analysis

The OmniTrainer records the percentage of Active Mode Training vs Passive Mode Training in a single user workout.

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Workout Report

Downloadable workout report for baseline testing and to track patient progress.


  • Compact Dimensions:​

23-36" L x 24" W x 43-48"H​

  • Unit Weight: 88 lbs.

  • Fully Assembled

  • Nationwide Service Coverage 

  • Power​AC 110V | 60Hz

  • Motor-Assist​: 1 - 60 RPM

  • Arm Adjustment: Swivel and Up/Down

  • Large Color LCD Display​

  • Workout Feedback: Speed, Time, Distance, Spasm Count

  • Warranty

Frame - Lifetime, 1 Yr Mechanical Parts,
1 Yr Electronic Parts, 1 Yr Labor

Senior Yoga Class

All Body Active and Passive Motorized Trainer
Upper & Lower Body Ergometer (UBE)

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