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Ballancer®Platinum -
Advanced Lymphatic Body Compression Therapy

Ballancer Pro Platinum | Ballancer Pro Gold | Ballancer Pro 505

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ballancer platinum

How Ballancer Works


Ballancer utilizes 12 chambers per side that initially scan the body to determine the size and pressure points between both legs (one leg may be swollen or thinner, etc.). This allows Ballancer to deliver the correct pressure to each leg independently and simultaneously, even when one leg has more or less mass.

Then the Ballancer mimics Mother Nature by creating a fluid, continuous wave of pressure from the lower extremities upwards. Each air pocket has a sensor to determine when the next overlapping pocket begins to fill. This is the unique "wave" that is achieved only through Ballancer's patented 360 degree, overlapping, sensor-activated air pocket design. All other systems on the market use chamber sections that are much wider and cannot mimic a natural, fluid movement to achieve optimal flow of lymph fluid. This is why there are 12 hoses going into each leg.

"Full Body" Lymphatic Compression Therapy System


Ballancer® Platinum, the pinnacle of our new-generation aesthetic-product line. Experience cutting-edge features and treatment modes designed to revolutionize lymphatic body compression therapy.  

Ballancer offers exact treatment times and a precisely calibrated choice of pressure and gradient treatment modes to meet a wide variety of clinical, aesthetic and athletic recovery needs. 

Four Flexible Lymphatic Massage Types:

  • Pre-therapy: Targeted Abdominal Lymphatics

  • Wave: Deep and Relaxing

  • Intense: Effective for Volume Reduction

  • Ballancer: Rapid and Invigorating

The Ballancer® Platinum represents the zenith of lymphatic body compression therapy systems, meticulously crafted to meet the discerning needs of luxury spas and high-end clinics.

Each Ballancer® Platinum is custom-programmed to your exact lymphatic therapy specifications, offering a wide range of treatments to address wellness and aesthetic concerns. With the flexibility to deliver up to 100 bespoke lymphatic massages, you can cater to individual clients and create signature protocols to complement your existing treatment menu.

Enhanced Protocol Management

Ballancer® Platinum boasts an innovative and user-friendly system. Seamlessly manage lymphatic protocols with our new Ballancer® Platinum PC software, offering easy transfer to the console via USB drive. Save and manage client lists and their individual lymphatic treatments effortlessly.

Extended Lymphatic Programs

  • New programs tailored for Him & Her

  • Optimized algorithms for lymphatic drainage, slimming, toning, and athletic recovery

  • Customize or deactivate chamber pressure at the push of a button

Intuitive Tablet Interface

  • Explore pre-programmed combination lymphatic treatment plans

  • Endless customization options for a personalized lymphatic therapy experience

Seamless User Experience

Ballancer® Platinum ensures a hassle-free experience with automatic deflation when the lymphatic treatment stops. Flexible pause times cater to your preferences, making it convenient and user-centric.


  • Model: Ballancer Platinum

  • Pressure: Range20-80 mmHg

  • Weight: 7.0 Kg (15.4324 lbs)

  • Size: 17 x 38x 31 cm (6.7 ''X 14.9'' X 12.2'')

  • Electrical: 230V 50/60 Hz

Tailored to Perfection

Customize your lymphatic body compression therapy experience with Ballancer® Platinum's compatibility with our unique garments:

Ballancer® Jacket and Ballancer® Pants.


Important Safety Information

Contraindications and Warnings

Please note that the Ballancer® system is intended for use by individuals in good health. It is not recommended for individuals with heart problems, vascular issues, or any medical conditions that may affect their well-being.

If you are, or may be, pregnant, consult your physician before use. Avoid treating the abdominal area with the Ballancer® system during pregnancy.

Do not use the Ballancer® system over insensitive or numb areas, areas with poor circulation, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, swollen or inflamed areas, or skin eruptions.


Additionally, refrain from use in the presence of unexplained calf pain and after surgery or medical procedures without physician approval.

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