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Aspen Apex 45 Watt Laser - Class IV

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The Laser That Cut The Limiting Chains


The world’s first and only laser device of its kind, the Apex Tri-Wave Laser System is changing the way health care professionals are treating pain and injuries. Uniquely featuring three wavelengths of 810nm, 980nm and 1064nm, the Apex Tri-Wave incorporates 15-watt high power with each wavelength for a total combined output of 45 watts.

doctor treats patient with aspen apex laser

PowerDose Diodes

At the core of the Apex Tri-Wave System are its PowerDose Diodes, which provide the highest standard “average power” output. In contrast to laser devices that only achieve these levels at “peak power,” the Apex System’s average power has proven to be a key for generating the best clinical outcomes. These innovative PowerDose Diodes feature:

  • Unprecedented power per wavelength

  • Durable, solid-state design for long-lasting operating life

  • Exceptional craftsmanship — German manufacturing that represents the highest international standard of quality

aspen apex laser product shot

Wavelength Multiplexer Technology

Wavelength Multiplexer Technology incorporates multiple wavelengths operating in various configurations, emitted from a single output. This provides better penetration — from shallow to deep — ensuring the level of tissue saturation required for therapeutic treatments. Additional benefits of Wavelength Multiplexer Technology include:

  • The broadest range of wavelengths providing different mechanisms of action

  • Direct selection of wavelengths from one to four different wavelengths

  • Adjustable power levels per wavelength



The 810nm wavelength allows for rapid activationof hemoglobin oxygenation, the process by which energetic supply is transferred to muscles and tendons, facilitating regeneration. Clinical studies indicate that the 810nm wavelength influences mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase by increasing cytosolic calcium and decreasing mitochondrial calcium


The 980nm wavelength optimizesthe action on thermo and mechanical receptors for a rapid analgesic effect which results In improved pain control, circulation and muscle relaxation. Clinical studies indicate that the 980nm wavelength primarily affects temperature-gated calcium ion channels.


The 1064nm wavelength is alonger wavelength that provides deeper tissue penetration. Clinical studies indicate that it has minimal dispersion within biological tissues due to its decreased melanin absorption. The result is deep activation of metabolic processes vital for all cellular activities.

SmartMode Controls

Featuring sophisticated laser operating modes, the Apex System’s SmartMode Controls offer continuous wave (CW) emissions along with pulsing emissions (PE) to provide unprecedented precision in achieving desired clinical outcomes, adjusted to suit each individual patient.

• Fast treatments with continuous wave

• Broad range hertz (frequency settings) for pulsing treatments

• Patient Response Driven Protocols

aspen apex laser console

Patient Response Driven (PRD) Protocols

Consistent and replicable treatment results are now possible with PRD Protocols. In contrast to Preset Protocols commonly associated with other laser therapy treatments, the Apex PRD Protocols are based on a wide range of patient characteristics and patient responses to treatments. The advanced technology built into the Apex Laser Series provides the broadest range of features which are critical for effectively stimulating deep musculoskeletal, vascular, lymphatic and neurological structures.

  • Ability to directly select and adjust operating laser parameters

  • Preventing under-dosing (low joules) and under- treatment (small area or incorrect wavelength)

  • Reducing conditioning response utilizing variations and adjustments with each treatment

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WAVELENGTH, LASER: 810nm + 980nm + 1064nm



VOLTAGE/CURRENT: 110/220 VAC, 5A, 50/60Hz

DIMENSIONS (inches): 16W x 19.5L x 8H

WEIGHT: 32 LBS (14.5 KG)

Aspen Apex Class IV 45 Watt Laser

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