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Electric Cryotherapy System

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The EVEREST PEAK is the most popular, fully electric Cryotherapy chamber in the USA! This extremely cool single-room, multi-person cryo chamber comes with a ton of features and comfort settings, making it the most comfortable and personalized Cryotherapy system available.

The EVEREST PEAK even comes with its own app and touch screen kiosk, so your clients can personalize everything from the time and intensity of the session to the LED light color and immersive Bluetooth music. Absolutely no nitrogen is needed to produce the ultra-low temps, and it can run all day long for just $6-$10 in electricity costs per day.

With the EVEREST PEAK, you or your clients can enjoy a customizable, 30-40 degree skin temp drop in just a 2-3.5 minute session! It’s the easiest choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line cryo chamber experience.

Cryotherapy Benefits:


Cryotherapy is an innovative and exciting approach to improving human health and wellness that has numerous potential benefits. By subjecting the body to extremely low temperatures, Cryotherapy can stimulate healing and rejuvenation in a way that few other treatments can match.


One of the most significant advantages of Cryotherapy is its ability to relieve pain and inflammation. Whether you're dealing with chronic joint pain or muscle soreness after a tough workout, Cryotherapy can help reduce discomfort and promote healing.


In addition to its pain-relieving properties, Cryotherapy can also enhance athletic performance by improving recovery time and boosting endurance. This means that athletes and fitness enthusiasts can push themselves harder and achieve better results than ever before.


But Cryotherapy isn't just for athletes - it can benefit anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness. By increasing immune function, promoting weight loss, and even improving mood, Cryotherapy can help you feel better and more energized than ever before.


Overall, Cryotherapy is an exciting and innovative approach to promoting health and wellness that has the potential to transform lives. With its ability to reduce pain, boost athletic performance, and enhance overall wellbeing, Cryotherapy is a powerful tool and the EVEREST PEAK is the ideal system for anyone looking to take their health to the next level.

Cryobuilt Specifications:

  • Fully electric with no nitrogen or need for refilling

  • Can run 100+ sessions per day with 1-2 clients per session!

  • Single chamber with a 4.6' x 3' footprint (additional space required for companion components)

  • True cryogenic temperatures of -166°F or lower

  • Heated windows to maintain clarity (privacy screen optional)

  • Adjustable comfort levels for customized Cryotherapy sessions & best results

  • Clients can choose from 8 different LED light colors during each session

  • Immersive Bluetooth music inside the chamber can be connected to Spotify or clients’ preferred music source

  • Clients can also bring their own music and devices inside the chamber

  • Interactive kiosk app provides you with control over the system

  • Option to allow clients to run their OWN sessions!

  • Low operating costs of approximately $5-10/day (depends on local power rates)

  • Automatic enrollment in the CryoBuilt PROTECT program

  • Modular design allows for upgrade to the Everest Summit model at a later date (a dual chamber system, with independent operation, for 2-4 clients per session)

Room & Electrical Requirements

(Consult Electrician & Layout Dimension Guides for Further Information)

  • Verify power and phase with a licensed electrician at the building/site.

  • CryoBuilt will customize the unit to match the building's power and phase.

  • Building panel should have room for a 110V line and a 208V-230V or 460V-480V line.

  • Choose from 208V-230V 3PH, 208V-230V 1PH, or 460V-480V 3PH options.

  • Fill out pre-install forms with power and phase information.

  • The Everest systems are hardwired to the building electrical panel and are not plug-in units.

  • Two lines connect the CryoBrain (the electro-mechanical part of the cryo system) to the building panel: a 110V line and a building power line.

  • Size the two lines according to local code.

  • The 208/230V or 460/480V line needs its own dedicated breaker and an external fused disconnect is recommended.

  • The 110V line requires a dedicated 30A breaker.

  • The condenser needs three 12-gauge conductors and a ground, and a disconnect is recommended.

  • Set up the 208/230V or 460/480V line with the external disconnect before install.

  • Internet access should be available with a CAT5/6 cable ready to plug in.

  • On the first day of install, the electrician terminates power and connects the condenser to the CryoBrain.

  • Wires should enter through the top of the CryoBrain.

  • If the condenser is in an abnormal location, the electrician returns on the second day of install to connect it to the CryoBrain.



Layout Dimension Guide

Electrician Guide

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