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Da Vinci QuickHIT Gym
by Apex

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The Apex stands as a compact yet mighty powerhouse in the fitness industry, infused with state-of-the-art technology and unmatched versatility. It seamlessly combines the functionality of over 12 machines into one sleek, user-friendly package.


Boasting an impressive TruForce of more than 2500 lbs, it offers a highly personalized workout experience with a range of handles and attachments that easily connect to its cable-driven system. Despite its vast capabilities, the Apex features a compact design, measuring only 76 inches in height, 74 inches in length, and 32 inches in width, making it an ideal fit for home gyms, urban living spaces, and professional settings where efficiency and aesthetic are prioritized.


It attracts a broad spectrum of users, from elite athletes and celebrities to busy professionals and dedicated parents, by promising powerful, full-body workouts in just 20-40 minutes 1-3x per week. With the Apex, unleash the ultimate intensity in your workouts, thanks to its ability to facilitate hundreds of exercises.


The cutting-edge AutoPilot software further enhances your exercise sessions, allowing for an unprecedented level of workout customization across eccentric, concentric, and isometric movements. Choose from three scientifically-backed modes—Power, QuickHIT, and Heavy Duty—or explore the Freestyle option for a varied fitness routine.


Technical Details:

  • Combines the functions of 12+ machines

  • Industry-leading TruForce over 2500 lbs

  • Variety of handles and attachments for personalized workouts

  • Compact size: 76 inches (height) x 74 inches (length) x 32 inches (width)

  • Ideal for home gyms, urban apartments, and professional facilities

  • Supports hundreds of exercises

  • Suitable for a wide range of users, including athletes and busy professionals

  • Enables full-body workouts in 20-40 minutes 1-3x per week

  • Equipped with AutoPilot software for customizable workouts

  • Supports eccentric, concentric, and isometric movements

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