AQUA RX® Molecular Hydrogen Capsules VS. Active H2 Ultra


Hydrogen supplementation outside of the body is a fleeting proposition for three primary reasons:

  1. The oral cavity is acidic by nature and hydrogen water is often dissipated on contact and rarely has the opportunity to begin it’s antioxidant potential in the gut as a result.  Alkaline and antioxidant water experts agree with this challenge.  Swishing with baking soda to alkalize the oral cavity is neither pleasant or practical.

  2. People have sought out mineral rich water deposits and even bathe in “mud” baths for the healing qualities of earth based minerals.  Humic and Fulvic minerals are the concentrated plant based full spectrum minerals that they are attempting to absorb in the body.  Combined with hydrogen, they body has the benefits of both hydrogen and minerals in a fully absorbable combination.  Hydrogen supplementation alone simply misses this opportunity.  

  3. For “fizzy” tablets to deliver hydrogen, though briefly, in water, now you encounter the challenge of which water is best? The argument remains that any water will work, but the expense of Humic and Fulvic supplemented makes this impractical.  Inhaling hydrogen is also ideal but the technology is limited and expensive.



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