PMT 120 PEMF System

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Payments as low as $395 a month for practitioners.


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Healing Pro Package
12 year warranty*
Virtual training (optional)
5 Applicators included 
DVD Training Set
UL listed
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Other PEMF systems generate magnetic fields too weak to provide any significant therapeutic effect.  This is due to the basic principal in physics that a stronger magnetic field will overpower or cancel out a weaker magnetic field. Since the earth’s magnetic field is stronger than the output of these weaker systems, they provide only minimal, if any real therapeutic effect. Our PEMF units are the most powerful and technologically advanced systems in the world. 

WHY MORE POWER?: faster results. It's that simple. The lower the power, the longer the session time needed. 

The PMT 120 uses 2 square waves simultaneously to carry the magnetic field directly to the cell at up to 20,000 gauss. What does that mean to you?  Simple.  Instead of resonating just the receptors on the cell membrane, the PMT 120 delivers harmonic impulses that resonates the entire cell membrane. The lower intensity units called "Hummers" are not typically felt and can take extended periods to yield results, if any. 
NOTE: This product is also private labeled the MagnaWave & many other brands
Confused? Yea, so were we, but it's common. Many companies put a "sticker" on a product and call it something else. The MagnaWave is the IDENTICAL unit to the PMT 120. If you see this unit somewhere else called something else, it's not. It's a PMT 120. Our units come direct from the mfr with the longest warranty in North America. 

Table Top

  • Size: 16.5" W x 15.75" D x  5.5" H.

  • Weight: 45 lbs.

  • Color: Blue. 

Portable Model (All Terrain Equine)

  • Size: 22.5" H x 17" W x 11.5" D.

  • Weight: 44 lbs.

  • Color: Black or Green.

  • Wheels: 3" (office) or 6" (field).


  • Max Intensity: 20,000 Gauss = 2 Tesla.

  • Frequency Range: 1Hz - 50Hz.

  • Use:  Home  or Clinic.

  • Power: 120 V standard U.S. wall outlet. 220 V optional (no charge).

  • USA Manufacturer for 20 years.

  • UL approved


  • Small Single Loop (14").

  • Small Butterfly Loop (7").

  • Long Cord (18 feet).

  • Brochures & Posters.

  • Training & Testimonial DVD.

  • Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labor.

  • Free shipping inside the 48 contiguous states.

  • Worldwide shipping available

  • Lowest price guarantee or we will beat it!



  • 9 year warranty extension to 12 years (not applicable to discounted or sale offers)

  • 7" or 10" Paddle

  • Large or Small Therapy Mat

  • Helmholtz Field Coupler: Use 2  applicators simultaneously.

  • Virtual training 

  • NEW! Customer & Income Booster - Web site page ranking in Google so potential customers find you when searching for PEMF treatment or the services you offer. $3000 value. Learn more 

OPTIONAL (if not listed in free Bonus list)

  • Small Therapy Mat (20" x 30”), $950

  • Large Therapy Mat (20" x 40”), $1,000

  • Large Single Loop (24"), $1,000

  • Large Butterfly Loop (24"), $1,000

  • 7" Paddle $695

  • 7" Double Paddle $795

  • 10" Paddle $745

  • 3 Yellow Coils (3", 5" and 8" with a 6' ext.) $1499

  • Extension for Horses (8 feet), $700

  • Travel case

  • Zoom Training ($500)



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