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Ballancer®Pro Compared to NormaTec® & BOA Max 2

FLUIDITY & PRECISION - the closest thing to Mother Nature. 

Lymphatic compression therapy is not as simple as filling up leg and upper body suits with air using strong compression. In fact, it requires the exact opposite. Most devices are not mimicking the gentle, rhythmic motion of our lymphatic system nor do they cover the target areas fully.  There is a science involved which requires knowledge of lymphatic movement, target areas, pressure and treatment time. Ballancer is the only device on the market with both an FDA clearance and clinical studies. Introduced to the medical field 40 years ago, Ballancer®Pro is successfully used in hospitals Worldwide.  Ballancer® uses a special inflating compression garment to apply a gentle or firm massage. Each Ballancer® garment contains up to 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression and release strokes that target each centimeter of the treated area. This massage motion, with its special direction of flow, increases circulation and gently, but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms. It is the only control unit to offer exact treatment times and a precisely calibrated choice of pressure and gradient treatment modes to meet a wide variety of clinical, aesthetic and athletic recovery needs. 


  • Systems that exceed 80mm Hg – compression therapy should never go beyond your diastolic blood pressure for proper lymphatic stimulation;

  • Those that do not cover from your feet to sternum;

  • Those that do not allow you to lower the pressure for the entire system by increments of

    1mm Hg – good control is necessary to meet sub-diastolic requirements;

  • Those that do not offer the final lymphatic movement of thoracic duct (above breast area) – upper body systems are key;

  • Those that do not offer 360 degree circumferential chambers – these are necessary to induce rhythm all the way around the leg;

  • Systems that feel like compression suits with pressure applied unevenly and simultaneously to the entire body – this is NOT lymphatic massage and is dangerous, with the possibility of severe pain and problems with fluid movement;

  • Systems with fewer than 24 total chambers in the leg or upper body suit – this causes interruptions in the upward movement of lymph fluids (due to the larger chambers used) which can cause lymph fluid to flow in the wrong direction.

woman enjoys Ballancer pro system
ballancer pro is FDA_cleared product
comparison chart of ballancer pro vs BOA normatech

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Ballancer®Pro is a registered trademark of Mego Afek, Ltd.
NormaTec is a registered trademark of NormaTec Recovery

Ballancer®Pro Compared to NormaTec® & BOA Max 2

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