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cryomed mini cryo sauna

What is Cryomed MINI?

Cryomed Mini is a compact device for cryochamber therapy. It is the newest generation of equipment, using a cold air system for fast and less painful treatments and beauty. Simple, easy and really quick to install and use. Cryomed Mini cools clients to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. It’s a whole-body cryotherapy method using liquid nitrogen cryo technology.

Due to the smaller size, the price of cryo chamber and its maintenance costs are much lower than for standard cryotherapy equipment. This mini cryosauna can be placed anywhere you need. No wonder: Cryomed Mini’s height is 1.78 m with a footprint of only ​​1 m².

Comfortable and easy logistics. It takes only one pallet to transport Cryomed Mini.

Cryo chamber therapy may be effective in relieving different types of pain, reducing inflammation, improving skin microcirculation, facilitating weight loss, and giving energy and relief.

Today the Mini model has its CE and ISO certificates and meets the most advanced quality and safety standards. We guarantee the same high quality as you get with the Pro models.

Cryosaunas FAQ

  • What is a cryotherapy chamber?

A cryotherapy chamber is a chamber (fixed or transportable) which is used for whole-body cryotherapy procedures. The main difference between cryo chamber and cryosauna is that a cryotherapy chamber is a closed space where several patients can be treated at the same time. While cryosauna is a single person cryotherapy device with the head outside the machine.

  • What is cryotherapy used for?

Cryotherapy has various applications. Starting from the 1970s it was used for rheumatoid arthritis treatment, pain relief, inflammation reduction, and for different chronic conditions. It was widely used not only as a treatment, but also as a means of faster recovery of athletes after physical overloads. Later, the positive effects on skin and mental health were noticed. Since then cryotherapy ceased to be accessible to a narrow circle of people and started to be used by different categories of people – from professional athletes to women who want to look better,  people who suffer from different diseases, etc.

  • What to choose – cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna?

Your choice may be due to the following factors:

  • size and dimensions – cryosaunas much more compact than cryo chambers;

  • nitrogen consumption – in cryo chamber nitrogen consumption is higher because of its bigger size; 

  • patient’s comfort – in cryosauna the patient’s head is outside the cold zone. In cryo chamber patient is totally in the cold zone, several patients can be treated at the same time;

  • needed temperature: in cryo chamber temperature reaches not more than -120°C, in cryosauna – up to -170°C.

  • What to expect during a cryo session?

First you need to know that you have to remove all the jewelry and wear cotton underwear, felt boots and gloves. 

The whole cryo session usually lasts from 1,5 to 3 minutes. During that time your body will be exposed to up to -180°C, but you will feel it rather gently. You will not experience discomfort like during tempering in ice water, as liquid nitrogen doesn’t overcool the body. When the session is over you will be surprised to notice that although your skin feels cold to touch your body emits a pleasant sensation of warmth from within.


  • Weight of the cryosauna does not exceed: 250 kg

  • Machine measurements:

1780 mm H x 1120 mm L x 900 mm W

  • Power consumption: no more than: 1 kW

  • Mains voltag: 230 V/16 A

  • Type circuit breaker: “C”

  • Mains frequency:

50-60 Hz


You can choose the color for outer shell and uphostery to blend in with your interior design or express your brand identity.


Room Requirements:

  • Cryomed’s One lineup models, including Cryomed Mini, have a small footprint, 1 square meter only. But it is safer to go with a location measuring roughly 9 square meters to have enough space for nitrogen tank(s) and a changing room. Make sure to leave at least 300 mm between the walls and the machine on either side.

  • Another important consideration: due to the machine’s weight, up to 250 kg, it should be installed on a solid floor, preferably concrete or tiled. Wood or similar flooring is a bad call. It is crucial to ensure that the floor is as flat as possible.

  • When deciding on a room where to set up your cryosauna, be sure to measure the size of ANY door frames you will need to use to carry the machine into the room. For the One lineup, the door frames should be at least 670 mm wide to make the delivery possible.

  • You have to make a 100 mm opening in a wall for the exhaust system so that nitrogen vapors can be extracted properly while a cryosauna is in operation. Alternatively, the pipe can be integrated into a window (vent sash) as long as a proper tight fit for the pipe is provided.

  • The room temperature should be between 15°C and 24°C with the humidity below 50%. Air-conditioning and ventilation with actively circulating air (both in and out) are strongly advised (mechanical supply and extract). Oxygen sensors are recommended, too.


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Need More Power?

Check out Cryomed Pro cryosauna - a turbocharge for the body and mind! Take your wellness to superhuman levels with this ultimate cold chamber experience.

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