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"Love the immediate affects and the session itself is mind altering. Meditative state of mind occurs quickly."

Terryn S., 25

“The bed helps me in my marathon training, both performance and recovery.”

Maggie R., 60

“Everybody is loving the Theralight I can’t get over how many amazing testimonials I have from all my clients.”

Alexis S., 46

“The bed frequently helped with my muscle fatigue and soreness. Quicker recovery allows me to train more and harder.”

Mike O., 58

 “I have enjoyed using the TL360 as it is quick and does not get hot. My performance has gotten a little better since using it.”

Robyn Z., 47

“I would say my recall has improved and my thinking and response time is sharper. I’m feeling slightly more energetic since starting TheraLight. My varicose vein has subsided due to clotting. It was at first painful but is now normalizing. Good experience. Definitely has had a positive impact.”

Robin S., 43

“It is hard to pinpoint the exact benefits that I am experiencing the most. I generally feel better all the way around!”

Leanne C., 34

“I’m very happy with the results on my facial skin, particularly the wrinkles around my eyes. Also, the reduction of the minor aches and pains. I find the actual experience itself to be very relaxing, easy and convenient.”

Catherine B. 45

“10 out of 10. I really enjoyed my TheraLight experience. I was consistently using 528 Hz. My overall energy levels, sleep, recovery, and performance improved significantly.”

Meagan W., 27

“The fatigue I have felt for 6 long years was gone on the 4th day I awoke. I usually need many cups of coffee to keep going so I don’t crash at 2-3pm. To my amazement I’ve been free of fatigue that has chronically affected my productivity. I feel like I am 25 years old again. My energy is endless all day with no stimulus needed to keep me going. My sleep is amazing and I wake at same time every morning now with no alarm. Truly amazing! The TheraLight 360 has been the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m so grateful for this technology and to those who continue to research the benefits light has on our cells.”

Sheila S., 45

“I have had bad anxiety as I get older and this has helped me to cut down those bad depression days. I feel as though this helps me sharpen my mind and body and allows me to have more control over my emotions.”

Seth S., 25

“Although my energy has been high before, it was even higher using the TL360. My sleep was also better. Overall, I found the TL360 to be slightly better and more effective than the old red light bed here before. As far as design and convenience, it was far superior. It was more comfortable and was much longer, which is needed for a tall guy like me. It was cool too and not hot; and less time in the bed.”

JT M., 47

“Previously I felt as if I needed to nap all the time. I would feel like I needed a nap even driving to work. Energy levels have improved a lot since then. Less panic attacks.”

Brenna Y., 37

“10/10. Has improved my groin 98 percent. Firm believer in the TheraLight 360.”

Gerson M., 28

“I loved the experience. The treatment was short and comfortable. It increased range of motion, pain scale decreased from 6 to 3 with motion. I can take the stairs now without hesitation or pain. Also decreased inflammation in hands and finger.”

Angela B., 57

“Zero pain in the mornings upon waking. No need for medications to start his day. Will recheck testosterone levels in 4 more weeks to see if those levels have improved. The bed does things for me and now I can’t live without.”

Anonymous, 46

“I would recommend TheraLight for pain management and improvement for sure.”

Meghan W., 27

“Skin on face has improved, wrinkles on forehead are less noticeable, and have had no pimples either. Pleasantly thrilled!! I came in with low expectations honestly and I am very pleased with the results. So much so that I plan to continue in order to keep the results.”

Tina C., 44

“The most noticeable change is that my energy levels have increased. This also has helped improve my overall mood. My experience was great, I’d like to continue doing them regularly and see if I can achieve more results.”

Linden W., 25

“I was in a car accident when I was 18 and had multiple skull fractures. I was in a coma and have suffered severe memory loss and have trouble retaining new information. I also have lots of food allergies and as a result have had an overgrowth of yeast bacteria in my gut that has caused a number of problems with my digestion. Using the bed, my skin has much improved that I have had no heat rashes and no psoriasis since. I love the TheraLight!”

Johnna M., 38

“I found the bed super relaxing and liked that it doesn’t get hot.”

Mallory M., 30

TheraLight 360 & Fit reviews. The leader in whole body light therapy. 

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