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HEALTH CANADA Approved Full Body Red Light Therapy Beds


The 360 is the flagship model and the choice for clinics due to the power, 360 exposure and easy access to the massive, flat lower panel. Both the 360 and FIT offer the same light wavelengths and health benefits, so the decision to go with a FIT model is typically budgetary, size and if your clients are typically under 6'-1".  

  •  $74,995  or $1495/mo + sh 

  • Holds up to 6'-9"/500 lbs

  • 45,000 LEDs x 4 wavelengths

  • 633nm, 810nm, 850nm, 940nm

  • 100-129mW/cm2

  • 220v 30 AMP

  • Size: 7’-1” x 4’

  • LED lifetime warranty

  • 5-year parts & labor warranty


For extensive specifications click here

Theralight 360 HD

Theralight FIT


The FIT model is typically installed in homes, but many clinics feature this powerful space saver.  Keep in mind taller people (above 6'-1") will feel cramped. Also, the lower canopy is curved and slightly harder to get out of for those in pain or deconditioned. If your clientele is typically larger and tall, the 360 is a more suitable model. 

  • $49,995 or $995/mo + sh

  • Holds up to 6'-1"/350 lbs 

  • 28,512 LEDs x 4wavelengths

  • 633nm, 810nm, 850nm, 940nm

  • 80mW/cm2

  • 220v 30 AMP. 110v available at 65mW/cm2

  • Size: 6’-6” x 2’-10"

  • LED lifetime warranty

  • 3-year parts & labor warranty


For extensive specifications click here

LINDON, Utah, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TheraLight, LLC, an international photomedicine company and leader in light therapy and photobiomodulation, today announced that Health Canada has approved the TheraLight 360 full body photobiomodulation system for use in Canada.

This approval issued through the Therapeutic Products Directorate of the Medical Devices Bureau of Health Canada includes the flagship TheraLight 360 system and the smaller TheraLight FIT system, which incorporate next generation light therapy technology for advanced pain relief and recovery.


TheraLight, LLC


"At TheraLight, our mission is dedicated to changing lives through the innovation of light based therapy solutions that enable treatments for a number of healthcare and wellness applications," stated Charles Vorwaller, President and CEO of TheraLight. "The Canadian approval of the TheraLight system supports our commitment to this mission and are significant steps forward in providing new access to treatments that will positively impact Canadian men and women and their quality of life. TheraLight is one of only two full body light therapy systems with Health Canada approval. Because of this we are excited to offer this technology to individuals and healthcare practices and clinics throughout Canada."

Photobiomodulation is a non-invasive and painless light based treatment used for pain management and inflammation reduction from conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, and acute joint or muscle injuries. Instead of just treating symptoms that may provide temporary benefits, photobiomodulation is a superior treatment option because it provides energy to cells in the body that trigger a chemical response, resulting in the body to heal itself. Each TheraLight system utilizes red and near infrared light in four wavelengths, that deliver maximized treatment coverages so patients can receive the best results. Because of the unattended feature of the TheraLight system, each are simple to operate and do not require the manual operation like many other pain management devices.

According to Justin Vorwaller, MBA COO of TheraLight, "TheraLight is at the forefront of providing an alternative to many of the pharmaceutical solutions being given to patients for pain relief, health and wellness that often have side effects, and fuel the opioid problem in many countries. We believe that TheraLight has tremendous potential and opportunity in Canada, and is a great addition for any healthcare professional, whether experienced in light and laser therapy services or just starting out adding photobiomodulation to their practice."

HEALTH CANADA Approved Whole Body Red Light Therapy Beds

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