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Theralight Light Bed - Case Study


Level 2 Facility (two 360 HD light beds)

All Testimonials 

Dr. Barone, Light House Health

Two TheraLight 360s & Aspen Class IV Laser
124 N. 18th St.

Mt Vernon, WA 98273
Installed first pod & Aspen Apex Class IV Laser: April, 2020
Installed 2nd pod: June, 2020

Light House Health's light bed demands exceeded expectations and needed a second TheraLight 360. 

"Once we made the important decision to change the direction of our clinic to laser light therapy, we contacted Da Vinci Medical to purchase the Theralight 360, Aspen Apex high intensity laser and Solajet dry hydromassage table. Within a few hours we were signing the purchase documents for our new equipment. In less than two weeks we took delivery of our Theralight 360 and Solajet. We had the pleasure of meeting with two highly professional gentlemen who set up, installed and trained us in the use of our therapies. We have never been treated with such respect and professionalism. Since our purchase, the communication with Jason, Patrick and Valerie has been unbelievable, no matter the amount of questions we had, they have been available to us within minutes.

The first day of opening in our schedule, we signed up 10 patients to begin their Theralight 360 sessions and at the end of our first month, our schedule was rapidly growing and we generated additional income exceeding expectations. We immediately decided to purchase a second Theralight 360.  We can only see that number doubling or even tripling. Our patients have realized improvements with psoriasis, arthritis, pain reduction, mental clarity and relaxation. My wife’s thyroid blood work numbers are also improving. It's fulfilling to see people's health change with the 360."

John and Kari Barone

This practitioner welcomes phone calls or email from potential buyers. 



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