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Rathbun Heat Spreader Label for M.2 SSDs



The Heat Spreader Label RBCP-101951-102049 is an acrylic and copper based heat spreading transfer label designed to provide a preferential heat transfer path away from the SOC heat generating source in an SSD application.

The Rathbun Heat Spreader Label is made up primarily of 3M materials, including a high performance label for heat transfer printing, a heat spreader layer complete with dielectric protection, isolated heat transfer protection, and unique edge protection providing electrical insulation.

The key to thermal cooling success is controlled heat transfer. The Heat Spreader Label provides cooling for the SOC, but does not transfer heat with any other area of the SSD.

  • Heat Spreading Core. Thermally conductive in X‐Y‐Z directions

  • Electrically insulated; Top, Bottom, all 4 edges

  • Dielectric

  • Zebra printer compatible label on top

  • Three (3) thickness options under .30mm thick ̧ Halogen‐free

  • Silicone‐free

  • UL V‐0

  • Strong acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) on bottom, specific to electronics

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