Three strong forces come together to create high-intensity physiological reaction called thermal shock:

1. Micro-CO2 crystals emitted at -108°F.
2. Extremely rapid drop in temperature.
3. Vibrations created by the C02 jet.

These forces come together to create a powerful autonomic reflex response or NeuroCryoStimulation. Through this mechanical and enzymatic action, Neuro- CryoStimulation radically disrupts the homeostasis in the external receptors in the skin. This has both an analgesic and vasomotor effect. The end result is a treatment that is twice as powerful as traditional cyro treatments like ice, spray, or forced air.

  • Effective

  • Immediate results

  • Natural

  • Non-invasive

  • Real alternative to drug administration

  • Comfortable for the patient

  • Painless

  • No contra-indications

  • Easy to transport

  • Easy to use

  • Short treatments (30 secs to 4 mins)



Kryos One Device
Custom pedestal cart
Flexible Hose
20 lbs CO2 cyphon tank
Portable carrying case
Onsite training (for consumer and clinical use)


Integrated infrared camera
Temperature control
Adjustable timer
Power and battery indicator
Thermal Shock control

Screen capture function
7ft Durable and flexible hose
Includes charger + power bank
Ability to transfer photos to computer

Kryos One Portable Cryo Therapy

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