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Intubix is designed to combat the inherently difficult task of placing a nasogastric or orogastric tube following endotracheal intubation. No more will you need to deal with bleeding noses of your patients on blood thinners, tubes curling around in the patient’s mouth, or treating ICU sinus infections due to a tube blocking the sinus passages.  Intubix allows easy & blind guidance of an orogastric tube or any other flexible tube/probe into the gastrointestinal tract without the traditional difficulties. Once the tube or probe is in the desired position, INTUBIX can be easily peeled away and discarded. 

Why Place NG/OG Tube?

  • Necessary after all emergent intubations and many surgeries

  • Decompress air in stomach

  • Prevent passive regurgitation of stomach contents

  • Aspiration pneumonia prevention (VAP)

  • Placement of medications/charcoal/kayexalate/whole bowel lavage/oral contrast materials for CAT scans

  • Feeding patients

Dangers of Traditional NG/OG Placement

  • Nasal and oral trauma

  • Intracranial extension of tube

  • Tracheal misplacement

  • Epistaxis/hemorrhage

  • Sinus infection

  • Nasal necrosis

  • Patient discomfort/lawsuits

  • Physician bitten/cut by teeth


  1. Inherent but necessary design flaw in orogastric tube prevents easy traditional NG/OG placement

  2. Ease and speed of placement the first time

  3. No need to place hand in mouth

  4. No wasted OG tubes from misplacement

  5. Can be used for Dobhoff enteral tube placement as well


  • ​Patented Smart Release™ allows Intubix to be removed while tubes/probes remain in place

  • Flexible, but rigid enough to guide into throat

  • Flanged top for quick & easy insertion of probe or tubing

  • Accommodates 18 F NG/OG tubes, esophageal temperature probes and feeding tubes

  • Dimensions: 13" x 5/8" DIA.

  • Weight: NA

  • Material: Medical grade, flexible Silicone

  • BPA & Latex Free

  • One patient use. Non-sterilizable

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