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B: HyperT Pro is self installed unless you paid for the installation


Power required for proper operation of the Hyper T Pro should meet the following specifications:

110/120 Volt, 20 AMP

Because of the nature of the unit, each individual Hyper T Pro System requires a dedicated 20-amp electrical service for safe and proper operation. Most homes and businesses in the U.S. are wired with a combination of 15-amp and 20-amp, 120-volt circuits. A 15-amp circuit is usually served by 14-gauge wire and is protected by a 15-amp circuit breaker or fuse. A 20-amp circuit, protected by a 20-amp breaker or fuse, must be served by 12-gauge or 10-gauge wire. A “dedicated” circuit means that no other appliances are plugged into the receptacle or any other receptacle utilizing the same circuit. Check with your electrician if you are not sure about this.

The thicker wire ensures the wires do not overheat under a 20-amp load. The easiest way to determine whether the circuit is 15 or 20 amps is to look at the corresponding breaker or fuse in the breaker panel. Because 15-amp receptacles can be used with 20-amp circuits, most of the receptacles you see in homes are the standard 15-amp variety, with two slots and a u-shaped grounding hole.

20-amp receptacles (shown below) have a horizontal slot branching off one of the vertical slots. Appliances, such as microwave ovens, often have 20-amp plugs and must be plugged into a 20-amp outlet. 15-amp plugs can be safely plugged into 20-amp outlets, but 20-amp plugs will not fit into 15-amp outlets.

Receptacle Types:

Standard Household and Commercial Electrical Receptacles

15-Amp Duplex Receptacles – The duplex receptacle has been the standard electrical outlet in American homes since the 1960s. Each of the two outlets have a long (neutral) slot, a shorter (hot) slot and a half-round grounding hole.

20-Amp Receptacles – Many appliances, tools and electronics, and the Hyper T Pro System, require specific types of electrical outlets in order to operate safely and at peak efficiency.

Outlet Required by HyperT Pro:

20-Amp Outlet – A 20-amp receptacle is essential for the use of the Hyper T Pro System. Use 20-amp outlets only on 20-amp circuits, which can be identified by looking at your circuit breakers. 20-amp outlets have a horizontal slot connected to one of the vertical slots in the outlet as shown.



To prevent electric shock and fire hazard do NOT use any other power source.

ETL Grounding Standards:

According to ETL standards for Motor Operated Massage and Exercise Machines, in category 89, the Grounding Instructions are:

This product must be grounded. If it malfunctions or breaks down, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electrical shock. This product is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. Make absolutely sure that the product is connected to an outlet having the same configuration as the plug. No adapter should be used with this product. If the product must be reconnected for use on a different type of electric circuit, qualified service personnel must make the reconnection.

CAUTION: Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether the product is properly grounded. Do not modify the plug provided with the product – if it will not fit the outlet; have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

CAUTION: To prevent electric shock, do not use the polarized plug with an extension cord, receptacle or other outlet unless the blades can be fully inserted to prevent blade exposure.

For installation, strictly observe the following instructions:

  • Place the Hyper T Pro on a level surface, preferably on soft carpet.

  • Make sure the cover can be opened without hitting anything. Please refer to the SPECIFICATIONS for details on the actual dimensions. Avoid using the Hyper T Pro under the following conditions:

  • Do not install near radiators or in places subject to excessive dust, mechanical vibration, shock and/or excessive heat.

  • Do not block the air inlet of the face fan located at the base.

  • If it is located in a cold location, the supporting hood struts may decrease pressure in the strut chambers, which may cause the hood to drop sharply. For the struts, the operating temperature range is from 50°F to 194°F (15 °C to 90 °C). 


HyperT Pro requires two people for set up unless you have paid for white glove delivery. 

Your HyperT comes fully assembled. However, due to the size and weight,  two strong individuals will be required to move it from the box to your desired location. If hood removal is necessary to move both the top and bottom of the pod sideways into your doorways, the attached documentation and video will explain how to remove and reattach the hood.


HyperT Pro

 shown in a room measuring 11 ft. x 9.5 ft.


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Hood removal instructions

Hood removal video #1
Hood placement video #2

 HyperT Pro Presentation

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