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Oxygen Health Systems
Hyperbaric Chamber Hard Shell - 34" D

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Options available during the checkout:

  • Air conditioning: $2,500

  • Progressive Controls: $2,500


Experience the full range of hyperbaric therapy’s benefits with unmatched convenience in a feature-complete, hard shell unit that provides industry-leading comfort and safety at a value unmatched in its class.

Oxygen Health System's hyperbaric hard chambers represent the current gold standard combining power, quality of construction, safety, and ease of use at a competitive price while also possessing a wide variety of more advanced, specialized features.

The Oxygen Health Systems Hard Shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber makes pressurized oxygen therapy worry-free. Competitor systems that employ oxygen tanks carry an unavoidable fire and explosion risk. At 1.3-2 ATA (with optional controls), this system is categorized as mild hyperbaric; as a result, it is both far safer and less expensive. The HBOT system’s unique design does not require any special venting because it does not affect net room oxygen during operation.

The pursuit of better health and performance shouldn’t have to be complicated. The HBOT system effortlessly accommodates a wide range of users. Its generous interior dimensions provide comfort and room to relax. Operation is just as effortless: power the unit on, enter the chamber, and use the controls to begin your session. The Oxygen Systems Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber gives users access to higher pressurization at the touch of a finger whether they are licensed practitioners or home users.

This model is designed for users who want a more advanced unit that allows for higher pressurization in a hyperbaric therapy system and single-user operation. Just power it up, get inside and hit the button to start therapeutic sessions. Clients of all shapes and sizes will love this system for its roominess and the sense of luxury it can provide in an environment of everyday and all-day use. 

Convenience, comfort, and power in one package: our 34" HBOT Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber is a sure fit for all sizes with advanced features that provide up to 2 ATA or 100 kPa. The patented airflow system provides an all-in-one solution with comfort in mind. The large 34” steel hyperbaric chamber is highly versatile and allows physicians to treat patients at up to 2 ATA (15 psi) pressure. The combination of the chamber and specially selected equipment allows breathing at levels of up to 95% oxygen. Why settle for anything less?

At Da Vinci Medical, we strive to improve this already incredible product by continually adding new features to the design such as our negative ionization system, (now integrated as a standard feature). For those who like it truly quiet, noiseless pressure relief valves can significantly reduce the sound created by hyperbaric operations. An air conditioning system within the unit? Yes, there is an option for that, too.

In addition to the greater expense and fire hazard posed by hyperbaric units utilizing oxygen tanks, they also have a larger footprint and tend to require expensive retrofitting installation that further exaggerates the cost of investment. Our hard shell hyperbaric chamber has a compact footprint and does not require any renovation cost associated with installation. Operation costs are also minimal and consist solely of the electricity used to power the unit, (roughly $.39 p/h). No other consumables are necessary.


Included with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber:

We understand our customers. Medical equipment needs to work from day one, period. Our Hyperbaric Hard Shell Chamber comes with everything needed to ensure a complete and positive experience for anyone operating or occupying the unit.

  • All-in-one machine (10 liter/minute oxygen generator and an air cooler)


  • Large, easy-slide polycarbonate cabin door for easy access.

  • The chamber door automatically seals when pressurized and unseals during depressurization.

  • Digital display and control systems for monitoring interior pressure, air temperature, humidity, and oxygenation rate.

  • Interior and exterior pressure gauges.

  • Digital timer for automated session programming.

  • Communications interphone.

  • Finger oximeter.

  • Oxygen headset.

  • Expansion port for secondary oxygen machines or future upgrades.

  • Negative ion technology for air renewal and ion absorption therapy.

Optional Add-Ons Available at Checkout:

Enhance your hyperbaric therapy session with our optional add-ons, designed for convenience, safety, and hygiene:

  • Grounding Mat: Enhance your therapy session with our grounding mat.  

       *Included with purchase

  • UV Wand: Ensure a clean and pathogen-free chamber with our disinfecting UV wand, perfect for quick turnarounds between sessions.


  • Manufactured Leather Mattress Cover: Keep your chamber's surface clean and easy to disinfect with our specially designed mattress cover. 


  • Stepping Stool: Access your chamber with ease using our sturdy stepping stool. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Entertainment

The standard treatment time of 60 – 90 minutes can have a positive impact. Our chamber comes with a dim interior light to allow patient relaxation, while still allowing them to read a book. 


For Pets

Accompany your pet inside the chamber and enjoy the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy together. Also, ask about our smaller pet chambers.

For Practitioners

Control: our hyperbaric chamber is designed to be easily monitored and controlled. The interphone feature allows immediate and constant communication with patients. It is possible for nearly any staff member to operate the unit due to the minimal training and expertise required. For maximum effect, schedule 60-to-90-minute therapy sessions within the activated chamber.

In an industry that considers 52 dB standard for such units, the 34” Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber is significantly quieter and perfectly suitable for office environments. Noiseless pressure release valves are just one of the features Da Vinci added to minimize sound pollution without compromising on power or efficiency. Why settle for less when you can have it all?

Ergonomic Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Control

Our user-friendly control station is designed to ensure simple operation. Its function first layout allows full management of the chamber and its control/communications systems. Chamber features also allow one person to operate the chamber without assistance for independent use in a clinical or home setting.

Emergency & Preventative Measures

Although the use of hyperbaric chambers comes with some degree of inherent risk, it is considered extremely safe within both the medical field and industry. Our 34” hard shell chamber has several features included within its design to even further minimize any risk posed to users or operators.


Safety features:

1. Gradual pressurization of the chamber allows staff to assess for discomfort

2. Emergency alarm control for the patient to alert staff via interphone

3. Safety pressure relief valve: reduces pressure in the case of an emergency

4. Intercom phone system

5. Easy entry/exit via our unique sliding door design

6. Interior controls: can be completely operated from within the chamber to enable independent use without assistance

7. All our hard chambers have an interior grounding mat to mitigate any static charge that could occur during your session

8. The system slowly depressurizes in a safe manner if power is lost for any reason

9. Internal safety door release button: leave the chamber at any time

Air Conditioner


For those who want control over the internal temperature of the chamber, an air conditioning system option can be integrated at additional cost. Users will be able to enjoy hyperbaric therapy sessions at temperatures cooler than those available in the ambient space. More choices mean more comfort.

Progressive Controls

Optional progressive controls are available to increase the user’s degree of control over the system. Dial in pressure from 1.3-2.0AT.

Interior Comfort & Operation

The interior is padded and contains a soft mattress and pillow. It can be controlled from inside, and the emergency alarm is located within user reach. No second person is necessary to safely or effectively operate the unit.

Operational Costs

There are no operating costs associated with this device besides that of the electricity necessary to power its operation. Per hour, the cost of that electricity works out to roughly $0.39.


36-month materials and workmanship warranty.



  • Voltage: two dedicated 15amp, 110 volt outlets recommended. Or, one 20amp dedicated circuit with 2 standard NEMA 5-20P outlets.


  • 2.0 ATA | 15 PSI | 100 kPa

  • On durable, high-quality casters for ease of movement around the home/office

  • Interior lighting, alarm system and safety pressure release valve

  • Allows incremental, auto-controlled session time up to 2 hours by timer

  • 2.5 mm thick 304 Grade Stainless Steel Material

  • 10mm thick Polycarbonate window from Bayer Germany mounted on heavy steel rods with ball-bearing rollers

  • Interior & exterior pressure relief valves

  • Can be operated by a single person

  • Warranty: 3 Years



  • 5 LPM Oxygen Continuous Flow

  • 70 LPM Air Flow


  •  ≥93% Oxygen Purity

  • Oil-free

  • Non-toxic/eco-friendly

  • Quiet

  • Super absorption activated filters

  • Double inlet and outlet filters

  • Integrated dehumidifier

  • PSA molecular sieve

  • Two continuous flow oxygen generators are included with this system. No oxygen tank required

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Hard Shell - 34" D

Chamber Weight: 396 lbs

Size: Width: 88 Inches, Depth: 34 Inches

All-In-One Oxygen Concentrator: 

132 lbs.

1200 Watt

30" L x 18" W x 28" H

Total system Weight: 507 lbs

Total system Watts: 1200 Watt

All Equipment Voltage: 

110v-120v (220V available upon request)

Optional progressive controls to dial in pressure

from 1.3-2.0AT

Certificates: CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485

AC Unit: 

67 lbs.

550 Watt

13"W x 16"L x 22"H

Temp. Range(℃): -5~30 (Water)

International Sales

We sell internationally and can provide our systems matched to your international voltage and plug type requirements.

Q & A Safety Questions

Do I need to install firewalls to use this system?

No. Unlike hospital grade hyperbaric chambers, the 34” Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber does not make use of compressed oxygen tanks that pose extreme fire and explosion hazards.


Due to the proprietary technology included within its design, this unit will not affect the exterior percentage of oxygen within the room in which it is installed. The installation of firewalls is an unnecessary expense and barrier to entry that Da Vinci has made unnecessary through innovative design.

How does hyperbaric therapy benefit the human body?

The body is made up of cells, and cells rely on oxygen for their overall health and ability to function properly. We fuel our body’s cells with oxygen through aerobic respiration: breathing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works by providing the human body with purer, more highly concentrated oxygen that penetrates 400% deeper into cells because it is being delivered in a pressurized environment.

Within the 34” Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber, oxygen actually shrinks down under pressure and penetrates more deeply into the nervous, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems. It can cross the blood-brain barrier, enter lymph nodes, and travel through cerebrospinal fluid in that pressurized state. Oxygen is delivered to all of the body’s tissues, but most importantly, to those areas in which circulation is diminished. That oxygen delivery is essential to cell health and recovery.

The same phenomenon can be seen in carbonated drinks like soda. The CO2 is pressurized and can shrink down small enough to dissolve into the liquid. After the can is opened and the seal is broken, the pressure releases, the CO2 expands, and the fizz/bubbles can be seen inside of the liquid. The gas is placed under pressure and shrinks; when it shrinks, it can penetrate substances that it previously could not.

More oxygen penetrating deeper into the body’s cells translates into improved health, superior performance and faster recovery from injury or fatigue. Cellular health is whole health: greater volumes of oxygen being delivered to the body’s cells means greater amounts of ATP, the body’s energy currency. More oxygen leads to more energy for the cell and results in improvements to health, mood, and physical performance. Return your cell function to its optimal levels and see what better health really feels like.


DR. DAVE DORNFELD on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Optional Disinfection Items:

Echo Clean™
All-Natural Cleanser

Sanitizing your TheraLight is a snap. The Echo Clean™ is the world’s best all-in-one cleaner that only uses natural ingredients. 100% toxin-free cleaning. 2– 3-minute Production Cycle. Just add water and salt.

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