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A single unit developed for a single purpose – strategic wellness and vitality. The continued use of the HOCATT  will provide your clients with something they have never experienced – wellness, beauty, anti-aging and performance enhancement without ever having to step foot out of the unit. With each 25 to 30-minute session, clients receive scientifically proven modalities that provide advanced detox and oxygenation, beauty and anti-aging benefits, athletic improvement and an overall improvement of wellness and vitality. It’s exactly what your clients have been looking for – wellness simplified. 

Two Packages:

HOCATT Platinum Premium:

The complete HOCATT Platinum system with an additional HUGO PEMF generator (total 2x HUGO PEMF generators, one to use with the HOCATT Platinum and a second for using the PEMF applicators in your clinic).

HOCATT Platinum:

Includes cabin (lined with 70 meters of PEMF wiring), O2 concentrator, 1x HUGO PEMF generator and the PEMF loop, double loop, 60' rope and 2x full-body mats.

HOCATT Specifications:

  • 59" x 51" x 27.5" (150cm L x 130 cm H x 70cm W)

  • Weight: 242 lbs (110kg)

  • Watt 3kw

  • Volts 110v/220v

  • Oxygen concentrator 25" x 15" x 12"

  • External destructor fan: 12.5" x 11.8" x 36.6" (32cm L x 30 W x 93cm H)


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