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Aspen Summit Laser

Class IV PBM

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aspen Summit laser system with a wand

The Summit Series is a specially designed laser system that can perform superior Therapy Treatments.  By simply switching probes and changing treatment protocols in the easy-to-use touch-screen software, the Summit Laser System will stay busy working for you all day long…  This versatility makes it the perfect fit for just about any medical practice, regardless of discipline.

The Summit Series Laser System is easily transportable, for effortless moving between treatment rooms, and includes a well-designed wheeled travel case for transport from location to location.

10 - 15 - 20  Watt980nm / 810nm

Summit laser console
aspen Summit laser system with goggle sets
Class IV Laser Summit kit
Laser Safety Goggles Aspen Laser treatments
specifications for summit laser
Colorful Lights

Aspen Summit Laser - Class 4

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