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Yuwell YH-830 Bi-level PAP Ventilator

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CPAP, BiPAP, and Ventilator machines are all designed to help patients with breathing disorders.

BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) Machines
BiPAP is a more complex type of Breathing Device than a sleep therapy machine that is used when CPAP can not be tolerated, or the airway can not open adequately.


BiPAP is different than CPAP because it has two pressures, one for inhalation and one for exhalation. Also great as a portable ventilator.

There is a common misconception that ventilators are large pieces of equipment for bed-bound patients. However, there are options like the Trilogy Ventilator or Bi-level devices that are small and mobile. Patients are still able to maintain their freedom.


1.Maximum inhale pressure 30cmH2O, with separate humidifier, better humidification
2.With ST and target tidal volume mode settings
3.Fast rise time

4. Normal inhalation intensity, respiration rate is 54 times / min, and each exhalation triggers the ventilator perfectly. Easily keep in sync
5. Good synchronization with big flow

Yuwell YH-830 Bi-level PAP Ventilator Specs:

Certification:IS013485 /CE /CFDA approved

Mode: CPAP, S, T, ST, VGPS

Pressure: 4-30 cm H2O Trigger adjustment Cycle adjustment Slope adjustment

Noise: ≤ 32 dB(A)

*Oximeter (Optional)

with YF-01 mask , humidifier SD card & trolley


Yuwell YH-830 Bi-level PAP Ventilator

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