About HyperT Pro

HyperT Pro is a new and unique whole body thermal health technology with dual Infrared & convection heating technologies. Passive theramal and active thermal exercise features whole body Chromo-LED, Dual Vibration Massage, Optional Enriched Air and 15 synchronized technologies for encouraging the improvement of general health. 

General exercise or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) from 15 min to 1 hour is achieved using resistance bands while the body is blanketed by dual heat systems. Your face remains outside the pod for cooling purposes. Or, enjoy a full body, soothing  massage with aromatherapy and salt air. All controlled by the LCD touch screen inside the pod. 

The HyperT offers:
HIIT Sessions 
Active Exercise Sessions with Heat (uses exercise resistance bands)
Relaxing Full Body Massage & Heat Sessions


Privacy Visor & acrylic handles
Dual Heat Vortex: Far infrared + Dynamic Dry Heat (up to 192℉)
Soothing vibration massage system
LCD color touch-screen digital controller
Chromo-lED Body light chamber (16 chromo-led clusters)
Custom pre-set wellness programs
Custom eScapes programs

Cooling face air sy stem
Aroma therapy

Himalayan pure ionic salt
Fit-Bed™ Exercise system 
Raised designer pedestal
Oxygen enriched air read (optional)

"Passive heat is a great alternative to exercise for people who are unable to engage in physical activity due to physical or mental limitation, or injury." 
MF McCarty, Biomedical Scientist


HyperT Pro Wellness Cocoon Technical Specs
Model: HyperT
Height closed: 46"
Height open: 89"
Size: 89" x 35"
Weight: 260 lbs
Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
Voltage: 110v. Dedicated 20 amp circuit

HyperT Pro Wellness Cocoon

HyperT Pro Wellness Cocoon

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