Lojer Capre FX5 Treatment Table

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Capre FX5 | Manuthera 242


The Lojer Capre Treatment Table

Over the years, the competitive nature of the US table market has driven down price and quality. Lojer Capre tables from Finland re-introduce quality at an affordable price.

Why would you consider anything else?

  • The Lojer Capre Treatment Table – an outstanding design with features that meet or exceed the needs of even the most demanding users.

  • Two motorized pillars activated by a 360 degree foot bar adjusts the table level from 19 inches to 35 inches.

  • Multiple table top adjustments are simple to make making your work easier to accomplish

  • Easy engagement of castors make the movement of the table simple and effortless

  • All Lojer Capre treatment tables have high-quality upholstery materials so they are durable and easy to keep clean.

Lojer Capre FX5 Treatment Table