Full Body Cryotherapy with CryoVeda

CRYOVEDA – Innovative & electric cryo sauna – designed to offer your customers and patients the maximum benefit of cryotherapy – completely without nitrogen, 100% electric down to -110 ° C.


From $99K
Montly payments starting at $2000

What exactly is whole body cryotherapy?

Cold therapies are a practical application for which extremely low temperatures are used to support well-being and initiate the natural healing process. The astonishing thing about them is that cold therapies actually date back to ancient times.

Whole body cryotherapy on the other hand is a modern and improved version of this icy tradition. It is nowadays used in the areas of medicine, fitness, beauty, and spa to trigger positive changes in our bodies. Only difference is that it is now done at a new level with this unique electric cryo chamber CryoVeda and its incredible low temperatures.


Advantages of Electric
Cryo Chambers


No danger for customers or employees of toxic
nitrogen gases. CryoVeda is purely electric


CryoVeda only has to be started once a day and then runs the entire day with constantly low


True whole body cryotherapy in which the cold air is inhaled and thereby positively impacts the entire body


The chamber system is space-saving and only requires additional room for the electric unit

Easy operation

Unique CRYOVEDA App on supplied tablet and smartwatch


In addition to the standard models, you can also customize the CRYOVEDA. You can adapt the cryo chamber both in terms of color and space

Smart Control


Check the temperatures of your cryo chamber or control the vital signs of your customers - all quick and easy with CryoVeda smart solutions. To do so, we offer all our customers a free high-tech operation system, which includes a tablet, a smartwatch, and a self-developed CryoVeda app. With this modern equipment, the management of cryotherapy treatments becomes simple and easy. Save new users digitally, organize customer data, schedule new applications, or monitor your chamber settings - the future of cryotherapy starts with a finger touch!

Electricity vs. Nitrogen

Specifications for CryoVeda 1

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Temperature up to: Down to -85°C

Power connection: 400 V, 32 A

Power supply dimension: NYM 5x6 mm²

Room temperature: max. 20°C

Distance chamber <> aggregate: max. 3m

Power consumption during operation

(incl. aggregate): 7kW

Relative humidity in the room: max. 30%

Waste heat: 6.5 kW

Dimensions HxWxD: 230 x 120 x 120 cm

Dimensions with electronics: 245 x 120 x 120 cm


Specifications for CryoVeda 2

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Temperature up to

(1st room / 2nd room) : Down to -30°C / -110°C

Power connection: 400 V, 32 A

Power supply dimension: NYM 5x6 mm²

Room temperature: max. 20°C

Distance chamber <> aggregate: max. 3m

Power consumption during operation

(incl. aggregate): 12kW

Relative humidity in the room: max. 30%

Waste heat: 6.5 kW

Dimensions HxWxD: 230 x 230 x 120 cm

Dimensions with electronics: 245 x 230 x 120 cm

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Color Options


For Businesses

This is the next big thing in the USA - only that it is now more effective, more economical, and more improved. Full body cryotherapy finally becomes accessible to everyone with this electric cryo chamber of CryoVeda LLC. It has an awesome design, constantly freezing temperatures, and the lowest ancillary costs ever, which makes it a worthwhile investment for each and every one. Enter the cryo business now and place your bet on this innovative, electric system - with CryoVeda you are going to hit the jackpot!


Starter package
The perfect start to success

We are happy to offer you a 100 % free of charge starter package, with which you can immediately try out your cryo chamber. We assure you that you will find everything you need for a successful treatment in this fantastic box. So dive in the world of whole body cryotherapy and get ready to greet your first customer!

But what if business is doing so great that you are running out of these products? No problem! You can reorder an entire package or single items from the list below at any time. Just call our office and place your order. And in the blink of an eye, you will have everything you need to start your next cryotherapy round!


Carpet: Printed doormat with CryoVeda logo

Bathrobes: white bathrobe made of 100% cotton with side pockets and tie belt (available in two different sizes)

Sauna Towel: white sauna towel made of 100% absorbent cotton

size: 70x180cm

Shower Towel: white shower towel made of 100% absorbent cotton

size: 70x140cm

Bath Towel: white bath towel made of 100% absorbent cotton

size: 100x150cm

Hand Towel: white hand towel made of 100% absorbent cotton

size: 50x70cm

Gloves: white fabric gloves made of 100% cotton

Headband: white headband for protecting the ears from cold

Slippers: white, closed terry slippers with a thick, slip resistant sole (one universal size)

Face masks: 50 3-coat face masks with elastic straps and excellent infection protection

Image by Vladimir Yelizarov

Capture Your Market

Yoga at Home

Treat your customers with a fascinating cryo experience, which they will never forget. Since your business will definitely leave a lasting impression with CryoVeda, this cryo chamber is more than worthwhile for small facilities as well as for large chains in the fields of wellness

HOTEL: Offer your customers a unique experience during their stay and please them with whole body cryotherapy. Your reputation will soon precede you with this top-of-the-line treatment.

SPA: Rely on the power of nature to win a new target group for natural beauty treatments. With
regard to the current zeitgeist, this is definitely the right way to go with your business.

THERMAL BATH: Create a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can either gain new energy after a soothing bath or provide the perfect finish for a wonderful pool day.

CRYO STUDIO: Expand your cryo studio and give your customers the opportunity to discover a variety of different cryo applications. This extreme cold will amaze everyone.

COSMETIC STUDIO: Treat your customers as if they were celebrities with the newest beauty method of our stars and starlets. With this Hollywood trend your cosmetic studio is soon to become an insider secret.

TANNING SALON: By combining sun rays with ice crystals you can create one of the most exciting wellness services ever. Delight your customers with sun beds and cryo chambers at the same location.

Tropical Leaves

Stand out from the crowd by picking an electric cryo chamber and complement your health services with
this new component. CryoVeda can be perfectly integrated into the various healthcare sectors

MEDICAL PRACTICE: Modernize your practice and amaze your customers with this state of the art cryotherapy method. We can guarantee that they will instantly love its safety and effectiveness.

CLINIC: Place your bet on the greenest medicine on earth to promote the natural healing process. With CryoVeda you can offer your customers a natural alternative to classical medicine.

THERAPY FACILITY: Complement your existing therapy program and offer your customers new application methods. They will thank you for an exciting change from the dreary therapy routine.

REHAB CENTER: Address a bigger target group and integrate cryotherapy into your daily routine with minimal effort. It is this easy to turn your standard therapy into something special.

PHARMACY: Lure new customers into your pharmacy and stand out from the mass of plain drug-stores. By offering cryotherapy you are always one step ahead of your competitors.


Create an effective and motivating fitness adventure by combining classical workouts with the newest methods of cryotherapy. CryoVeda can be of use for all different fields of fitness

FITNESS STUDIO: Provide your customers with the best training out there. They can either complement their personal training schedule with a cryotherapy session or reward themselves with CryoVeda after an exhausting workout.

SPORT CLUB: Motivate your team with this new training highlight. With CryoVeda you cannot only reward your team for an excellent athletic performance, but also trigger even better sports results in the future.

SPORT STADIUM: Train harder, regenerate faster, perform better. This cryo chamber is the perfect fit for all amateur athletes, professional athletes, and competitive athletes.

COMPETITIVE SPORT CENTER: It is amazing what athletes can accomplish if they waste less time on recovery and have more energy to exercise. Cryotherapy helps them to get the most out of every workout.

TOP ATHLETES: Cryotherapy has played an important part in high-performance sport for years now due to its sheer effectiveness. But with this lucrative offer, it becomes also worthwhile for private persons.

Take the first step into a bright future by investing in the best cryo chamber currently on the market. You will profit from permanent low ancillary costs, the newest technology wrapped in an elegant design, and a highly motivated team that will always be there for you.