TheraLight used in the Superhuman Protocol Certification



  • Made by a class IV laser MFR with expertise in FDA cleared pain management lasers (Aspen Lasers)

  • 45,000 Red & Near-Infrared Lifetime LEDs with 100,000 hour rating

  • Utilizes the 3 most effective and deepest penetrating near-infrared (invisible) diodes plus red, 633nm.

  • 1,102 LEDs per Sq. Ft. (highest density on the market)

  • The only light bed "Space Foundation Certified"

  • Health Canada Approved

  • Delivers up to 60 joules in 10 min, producing 6x the dose in half the time of competing beds. Details

  • Unique HD 360° light exposure design

  • Large interior cabin with open ends to reduce claustrophobia

  • Wireless tablet controls up to four pods from remote desk with 14 pre-set programs. 

  • wavelengths with adjustable Hz & irradiance

  • Ships within 48 hours (in stock)

  • Financing with no payments for 12 months*

  • Payments as low as $1495/mo

  • Average revenue of $1,000 - $2,160 daily*

  • Onsite installation & clinical training (personal or business use)

  • Can be used by anyone. No healthcare license required

  • Included UV disinfectant wand kills bacteria & viruses in 30 seconds

  • Marketing Pro Package (for businesses):

    • Expert SEO & Internet marketing guidance with your webmaster to rank your services on page 1 of Google

    • ​Free brochures, banners & posters printed with your logo and contact info. Delivered with your pod.




Verified irradiance (100mW/cm2). As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. But don't be fooled by a high number. TheraLight is the only light pod on the market to achieve this power at the center of the pod (weakest point) while providing the critical 4 wavelengths. Beds showing higher values achieve this due to half their total LEDs being red. 75% of our LEDs are the invisible near-infrared, deepest penetrating wavelengths. 810nm being the most important and most costly diode due to depth penetration. Learn more about proximity of skin to the LEDs here.

Click image to view yellow light meter reading. 


Distance from the LED affects light absorption, but do not be fooled by erroneous statements of needing to be directly on the LEDs. That is absolutely necessary for weaker beds that do not use 220v, high irradiance and a high-density of LEDs. Click here to learn more about LED proximity. 



Only TheraLight utilizes 100,000 hour, German LEDs under warranty for life. That's right. You're covered for life if any LEDs go out. Note: 100K hour LEDs are the max lifespan in the industry. Claims of higher lifespans are unproven. 


TheraLight 360 offers 10 minute sessions that deliver 60 joules. Utilizing our patent-pending 360° variable irradiance, TheraLight delivers an average of 100mW/cm2, across 4 pulsed or continuous wavelengths, for optimal depth penetration from 10-5,000 Hz in 5Hz increments. Each of the four wavelengths' irradiance can be adjusted independently. An industry first.  TheraLight delivers a rapid and dose dependent therapy session that produces outcomes not previously realized with competing technologies. This performance offers businesses the highest client volume & ROI per day with unparalleled results.

When cells age and become stressed, the mitochondria produce their own Nitric Oxide (NO) which competes with oxygen and often wins. This molecule blocks the receptor site that Oxygen binds to during the respiratory process — the process of turning sugar in blood into cellular energy. With a diet rich in anti-oxidants and rest, our body manages excess Nitric Oxide. If the body is too stressed it cannot properly remove enough Nitric Oxide fast enough. This causes ROS (reactive oxygen species), and is known as Oxidative Stress. Reactive oxygen species are toxic and begin the processes for inflammation, cell death and the expression of genes responsible for cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis and other diseases.

When red & near IR (infrared) light is absorbed by a protein in the mitochondria called Cytochrome c Oxidase (CcO), mitochondrial NO is dissociated from CcO and oxygen transport returns to normal. CcO is the last enzyme in the respiratory electron transport chain. This downstream effect increases ATP production among many other beneficial intracellular responses. In other words, the cell functions again at optimal levels. Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs make up humans. All aspects of the 11 major organ systems benefit, from faster recovery to improved energy and strength.

550 RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials)
5000 laboratory studies
40+ new papers per month

TheraLight 360 costs between 10-20 cents per 10 minute session to operate depending on your city's kWh (kilowatt-hour) cost. 



The TheraLight 360 is the only pod that offers adjustability of irradiance and frequency for each of the 4 wavelengths independently. All done with a wireless handheld tablet. This opens the door for unlimited configurations for any application. An industry first.  


TheraLight can be used by anyone. It's NOT a laser, but uses "low level laser technology" (LLLT) or what's also called photobiomodulation (PBM).

Laser technology is a science. It's a dose dependent technology which is complex and costly to build properly. Companies offering light beds with no prior experience manufacturing Class 3B or Class IV hand held lasers have little to no understanding of how to build medical grade light pods that align with the science and dosing parameters. TheraLight is manufactured by the same company that builds the World-class Aspen Lasers for the past 30 years (seen here & not included).
View Aspen Lasers here.


Sanitizing your Theralight is a snap. Simply wipe clean with SWOVO wipes, then use the included UV wand to expose surfaces to UV light to destroy bacteria and viruses. Mixed Wave technology utilizes powerful UV-C / UV-A LEDs to eliminate up to 99.9% harmful bacteria and viruses within seconds (backed by reputable third-party lab testing). 

2 Minute Kill Time for COVID-19 Virus
Approved for use on EPA List B, C, E, F, H, and N
Active Ingredient: Quaternary Ammonium and IPA
Meets CDC, OSHA and CMS Tag F441 guidelines
Made with the same active ingredients as other Top-Selling Medical Disinfecting Wipes (Quat + IPA)

TheraLight is the only light bed to receive the Space Foundation Certification. This certification represents approved technology originally developed by NASA and used in space. Read more...


The TheraLight 360 Full Body Wellness System Light Pod is registered with the FDA as a Class I General Wellness and Class II Medical Device. Each class has different purposes for the device’s intended use. It can be purchased by anyone and used in a home or clinic without a practitioner's license.

Class I General Wellness intended uses of the TheraLight 360 Light Pod:

  • Restoration of motion to joints

  • Redevelop muscles

  • Adjunct to obesity as part of a diet and exercise program

Class II Medical Device intended uses of the TheraLight 360 Light Pod:

  • Relaxation of muscles and relief from muscle spasms

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pain and stiffness

  • Temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis

  • To temporarily increase blood circulation


We drive clients to your business. Period. The greatest pod on the planet is going to host cobwebs if nobody finds you in Google or YouTube. These are the two largest search engines and it's not your job to master them. Focus on serving your clients and we will help your webmaster do the rest. We want you to be so successful, you order a 2nd pod to keep up. Here's a glimpse of what you get when ordering a TheraLight from Da Vinci. 

  • Web site Search Engine Optimization guidance. We guide your webmaster in adding TheraLight correctly to your web site. 

  • Brochures, banners & posters (customized with your company information) printed and delivered at no charge.

  • Google AdWords &YouTube guidance. Rank #1 in Google in 24 hours on any keyword people search to find your product & services.

"Da Vinci Medical goes far beyond providing scientifically backed and effective technology, they took over the marketing and drove new clients to our practice. We have never seen so many customers. We could focus on providing quality treatments while our business grew beyond our expectations." Dr. Jason Walker, DC

Your TheraLight is delivered via a specialized freight company, but then our "in-house" team brings in your pod, assembles and trains you on basic operation. These are not hired contractors or delivery drivers. The two man crew are TheraLight's full time employees that travel the Nation & the World to install each and every light pod. That's all they do. Subsequent clinical training follows the installation for you and your staff. 

You're only as good as your knowledge of light and how to apply it. Your investment in a light bed of this caliber should be equaled by the training. TheraLight includes a one-on-one training with you and your staff by a clinical pain management & light expert after initial installation. Their background in light ranges from class 3b to class IV lasers and competing pods. You will be guided to deliver the most successful outcomes. Great outcomes equals greater client retention rates & referrals.  

ABOUT TheraLight, LLC
TheraLight, LLC is a medical device company and emerging global leader in innovative photomedicine technology. Representing management with over thirty years of experience, the Company provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production and regulatory compliance. The Company partners with healthcare professionals to bring the best and newest technology with advanced training and support that maximize clinical and financial outcomes. TheraLight is committed to research and development that will provide long- term success and drive change in medicine by raising standards of medical care, with the goal of improving the quality of life of every patient using their products. TheraLight is committed to becoming and remaining an innovative leader in medicine.

No Payments for 6 Months for
 qualified buyers. 



Dr. Barone, Light House Health 

After just 30 days of receiving their TheraLight 360 and Aspen Apex Class IV laser, Light house Health grew quickly, exceeding revenue expectations from the light bed alone their first month and required a 2nd light pod.

Click here for full testimonial

TheaLight 360 HD Full Body Light Bed Specifications:

Irradiance: 100-129mW/cm2  (adjustable for all 4 wavelengths).
LEDs: 45,000. 100,00 hour. Lifetime replacement warranty 
Controller: 10" wireless touch screen 
Programs: 14 pre-set (plus customizable)
Wavelengths: 635nm, 810nm, 850nm & 940nm
Sound system: BlueTooth wireless speakers x2
Adjustability: independent irradiance (light intensity) control of each wavelength
Pulse: CW and Pulsing (5-5,000Hz) independent pulsing control of each wavelength
Voltage: 220-240 VAC - 50/60Hz  single phase 30A

Outlet: NEMA L6-30R
Cooling: Air (interior of pod remains approx. the temperature of the room)
Sound level: 65-dB average inside pod; 55-dB average in room (very very quiet)
Size: 6'-11" x 3' - 8"
Height open: 5' - 4"
Weight: 618 lbs

Weight limit: 500
Max user height: 6' -9"
Warranty: 5 years & lifetime on all LEDs

FDA Registration: Class I & II
Health Canada Approved
Safety Compliance: IEC/EN 62471
Usage: can be purchased by anyone (by non-professionals in a business setting or at home).



  • 1 TheraLight 360HD light bed

  • White glove Inside delivery, setup and basic training

  • Advanced clinical training via Zoom from expert/clinician 

  • UV sanitizer hand wand (UVA/UVC light)

  • Swovo disinfecting wipes (2 minute germ & virus kill time)

  • 1 wireless touch screen controller

  • 1 protective eye goggles

  • 2 cloth eye protection face covers

  • 1 vinyl knee/head pillow 

  • 1 acrylic headrest

  • 1 TheraLight towel

  • 1 wireless alert system (alerts front desk that customer is ready to begin session)

  • Brochures, banners & posters with your business info and logo printed and delivered with pod (businesses only)

  • Web site SEO consultation (to boost your traffic - businesses only)

  • Addition to TheraLight locator (businesses)


 Introducing the smaller, but powerful TheraLight FIT



Learn how these 3 life sustaining natural elements can restore health beyond compare. Click here




*Fees vary based upon existing social media infrastructure.
*48 sessions a day based on 5 minute pod session with an average of 5 min. pre/post prep (clothing removal and redressing). 6 per hour x 8 hours of operation. 
*Daily revenue based on packages no less than $45 per session and volume starting at 50% capacity to 100%. 
*Lease payments and deferred pricing based on qualified applicants.