5G, Wi-Fi & Cellular Protection



5G cell phone service is now a reality, introduced first to South Korea in 2019, and if it hasn’t come to your geographic area yet it soon will. It brings great improvements in all cellular performance metrics and makes many users very happy...except for those people who think 5G is the devil and will kill us all!

Implementation of 5G technology has caused riots and the destruction of cell towers in Europe...created controversy about 5G manufacturers in China using the technology to spy on the world...promoted medical theories that 5G electromagnetic fields (EMF) can harm some biological systems, including possibly causing cancer...led conspiracists to claim that 5G initiated and spread the Covid-19 pandemic...and produced a proliferation of 5G EMF Protection products that promise, often without any evidence, to block radio-frequency radiation from harming you.

Who do you believe? Technical experts and scientists who’ve worked to improve wireless radiocommunications (cell phones, internet, IoT, machine-to-machine) in the safest way possible, or doomsday theorists. Further confusion about the safety of 5G is caused by dueling medical opinions, and the manufacturers who then want to sell 5G EMF Protection to give you some peace of mind.

What is 5G?

5G NR (New Radio) is the fifth generation of radio frequency (RF) technology for broadband cellular telecommunication by wireless devices. It builds upon, and will continue to use, the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard that’s been in mobile phone service for over 10 years. All generations of RF cellular technology have been accused of generating harmful radiation, and the good news for worried users is that 5G EMF Protection products are backward compatible for all broadband RF technologies still in use (2G, 3G, 4G & LTE).

The specification for 5G has been under development since 4G LTE became commercially available in 2010. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU-R Radiocommunications Sector) developed the 5G spec and the industry consortium 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) refined and implemented the standard with manufacturers. See their websites for detailed 5G technical information.

Are 5G EMFs Dangerous?

It depends on who you choose to believe. The CDC, in a 2014 update to the FAQ on whether using a cell phone can cause cancer, stated that “there is no scientific evidence that provides a

definitive answer to that question” and “at this time we do not have the science to link health problems to cell phone use.” However, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization) has classified RF radiation as a “possible human carcinogen.”

5G is generally considered safe. But some people are sensitive due to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS, a clinical condition) to the radiation from electromagnetic fields.

Do You Really Need 5G EMF Protection?

On one hand...there’s the reality of a need for higher broadband performance that advanced new generation systems provide, and that are developed to tight specifications that good people work to make happen safely.

On the other hand...are the misinformation, exaggeration, downplayed evidence, outright lies, stupidity, greed, CYA and fake news that sound just like politics with Government involvement. Wait...whoa...governments, politicians and big businesses are involved in 5G up to their necks!

Who do you trust with your life? Governments, CEOs, conspiracy theorists, scientists, doctors, talking heads or other “experts”? The amount and intensity of conflicting information is often confusing, highly irritating and usually self-serving.

Who ya gonna call? People aren’t dealing with 5G ghosts, but with invisible EMF radiation that bombards our bodies.

What can you do? Really, you can only trust yourself and your basic instincts for survival and protection from harm. There’s a scintilla of truth in everything, both positive & negative, and the best choice is to follow the old axiom “Everything in Moderation.”

Distance, time, amount...how far, how long, how much...limiting your exposure to EMF radiation is about all anyone can do for 5G EMF Protection. And your radiation exposure can be further reduced by incorporating proven 5G EMF Protection products into your lifestyle.

What Gives Scientifically-Proven 5G EMF Protection?

Waveguard products distributed by Da Vinci Medical...the premier provider of health, wellness, and fitness technologies online. Waveguard came, they saw, they kicked EMFs collective ass with their science-based Qi products for 5G EMF Protection. Qi Me, Qi Shield, Qi Home and Qi Max generate a cloud-like Torus field of electrons for EMF protection against all types (2G-5G Cellular, WiFi, other EMFs) around you and your personal space, your home or your business. See Waveguard EMF Protection 5G, WiFi, Cellular & EMF (davincimedicalusa.com) for detailed

information, including performance studies and test reports on their 5G EMF Protection capabilities.

Other 5G EMF Protection products may (or may not) provide spot protection from radiation...dots and cases for your phone, hats & beanies, necklaces & pendants, blankets, clothing and even boxer shorts! But Waveguard Qi-Technology gives 5G EMF Protection to areas small or large, from just you to an entire office building.

Da Vinci Medical is proud to represent, and to use for our personal protection, Waveguard Qi- Technology. We invite you to discover the peace of mind and well-being that these science- based and high quality 5G EMF Protection devices can bring to you and your family.